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  1. oldson


    An evolving map would be better, only showing what you've discovered.
  2. oldson

    Exiting Rover issue.

    IT's fixed nice one people
  3. oldson

    How to share your Astroneer crash report

    I've had about 9 or 10 crashes on my xbox 1 version of the game, always returns me to the xbox homepage. The lag I get can also make the game unplayable, I've tried disconnecting all the tethers but not retrieved them(don't know if I should collect them all up). I'm really enjoying the game but not the "Lag". Good luck and keep on keeping on
  4. oldson

    Exiting Rover issue.

    Thanks for the response, hopefully will be fixed eventually ?
  5. A small issue on exiting the large Rover, if the rover is still moving (even slightly) and I try to exit, I get stuck/wedged in the front wheels, is anyone else experiencing this?
  6. oldson


    Thanks for the heads up guys. Sorted it, I put a beacon on a mountain near my Rover, then killed myself.... I've now got a beacon on a mountain near my base, sorted. I still think a compass in the Rover is a must. Good luck with everything.
  7. oldson

    Beacon Locator

    We need a compass on the Rover is what we need, so we're not getting out every 5 minutes to check if we're on course. Also an indicator to show which general direction the base is in, I mean a pulse or something similar.
  8. oldson


    Hi guys n gals, just like to say that I'm enjoying your game so far. I have now been lost for 3 days, went out in a large rover (neglected to take a bearing before leaving), I made it back once, arrived at base in a storm, stayed in the rover and went to make a cuppa. I return to find myself on the xbox home page. I fire the game up, only to lose all progress and to be lost yet again. How, other than climbing to the top of every other mountain, do I find the beacon for my base? I think the rover could do with an onboard compass, so we're not having to jump out to check direction every 5 minutes. Do you guys plan on adding a map at any point, just a surface one that only shows what you've discovered and beacon placement? Thanks in advance of any response.
  9. oldson

    Christmas tethers ?

    Thanks for the response, guess its a bit of a tidy up for me then
  10. oldson

    Christmas tethers ?

    Loved the coloured tethers, hope they return. On another note about tethers (didn't want to start a new thread), I'm getting massive lag the more tethers I put out I've taken to cutting the link, say, just at the mouth of a cave to try and address this issue. Is anyone else getting this, or is it just my internet being rubbish?
  11. oldson

    First-Time-Posters Now Require Approval

    No worries, I'm just here to see what's new, maybe offer some opinions. I purchased the game on Xbox1 preview and look forward to seeing it completed.