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  1. There is a new patch out from nov 15 that may solve your issue. Creative update says it has fixed some memory allocation issues
  2. Last i saw they increased the limit the xbox would have save files, but might ne awhile if this is the case again.
  3. So this ssue is still a problem. The developers helped the problem with xbox/play anywhere saves, is this also the the platform? I had waited a good couple of months before that issue was resolved, but loved the game to much to quit it.
  4. I have tested all my saves and they do save now. Woop woop!
  5. Compared to all other issues, i can finally get them saves back! Finally
  6. This new update, under bug fixes and general, says they have fixed the issue on xbox saves and the corrupted saves should work again. Thank you for those who stuck around!
  7. No new news yet. But im getting back into it and no troubles yet. Will keep posted on some details if it comes up.
  8. Updates on this issue. This is from a reddit post that I posted a whileback: "I sent an email with several reports of this to the developers this week, and got a response. They have identified the source of the problem. When the game gets to the point that it is no longer saving, it will never save again because it hits an Xbox save file limit. Now they are trying to figure out why the saves are getting that big and working on a fix for it. They didn't give any time line on that fix, but it does appear to be something they are actively working on. I suspect when they figure it out, it'll be listed in the patch notes." - gilyco86 reddit Looks like this is being looked at but will just have to wait. On another note, i just loaded my glitch save to do some achievements and for so.e reason it saved. It would only save once every hour and it was a save from like 2 hours ago; after all that it would only do it sometimes, so odd. Tl:DR Deves are looking into it, but no further responses. And my error saves now do save, but in odd intervals(sometimes).
  9. It doesn't seem to be adressed by the devs but i would sure hope so
  10. RIP to a new save after many hours, again! New update still same problem. More info regarding it: Planet Glacio 7 RTGs 2 Med batterys 2 large rovers 5 large storage 11 med Storaged 1 seat 1 lvl 3 drill Changed outfits then saved Charcter model was unable to move so a saved to nearby seat then continued to save and quit to main menu ∞ lost hope to ever finishing *rover example attached
  11. I've tried some uninstalling, removing cashes, reinstalling, even tried to save on the xbox version but only got a duplicate save that still had the same issue. I did erase the duplicate save, to see if it would work after, but it didn't work. All in all I started a new game and just got the usual crashes, but the saving is not an issue.........yet
  12. Is there any suuport for this issue? This is making me stop playing a game i love, but would love to continue playing it