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  1. anyoneother

    Light on the Horizon (underside of clouds at night)

    No, it doesn't matter which way you are facing - it's all directions, and it actually appears to track line-of-sight from your direction position (like if you shake your view left-right, the light will move left-right).
  2. So I've noticed that if you turn while standing in one place, at night, the horizon lights up (particularly the underside of clouds). It's like I have a giant spotlight or lighthouse to light up the horizon. Anyone else notice this? Any cause/reason for it?
  3. anyoneother

    Expanding my base

    So, I had something like this happen last night in a co-op game. Not entirely sure how my buddy did it, but once built, the farther one out could no longer receive power, so we had to put dedicated power on it. From what I can tell, only nodes pass-through power, and platforms cannot pass-through power.
  4. anyoneother

    Screen moving on x box one

    Are you in a cave/tunnel? Or is this on open land on the surface? When I'm in caves, the camera doesn't view through terrain, so can snap in close when the ceiling/walls are very low/close. I've found that if I need to work in an area like this in a cave, I dig out the ceiling.
  5. anyoneother

    Hard Crash [XBOX]

    Was playing last night with a fresh game (after laggy session (dug to core and tethered all the way down)). Was a couple hours in. Base had almost all platforms, had flow to Exotic and back (no building there), and then started out on a random road trip (Truck with two rovers in tow). Knocked down some trees and grabbed the Research, so had two research on middle Rover; solar panel, seat, battery, turbine on Truck. Went to put a third Research on trailing Rover and game froze and then hard crashed to XBOX home screen. Platform: XBOX Version: 0.2.10109.0 Crash Date: 12/26/16
  6. Newest patch totally fixed the tether lag. However, I'm now getting similar lag with a long line of nodes out to a large solar panel.
  7. This comes from the Astroneer Facebook Community. Someone built 2 research platforms, wishes he could delete it and replace it with a different functional platform.
  8. About to try fresh game, but prior save was worse once updating to 109 on Xbox. Did a clean install to get the update.
  9. They stated in an announcement that they were rolling out updates to Steam and hopefully rolling out updates to Windows/xBox this week ( - posted on December 17).
  10. anyoneother

    Demolition downed trees

    Yes, there is a means to tow them, but they still just roll around (as an aside, being able to demolish them would mean fewer objects to draw for lag purposes).
  11. anyoneother

    Demolition downed trees

    Do you know if the dynamite can blow up the trees? Or would it just make it fly through the air?
  12. anyoneother

    Generators consumption

    Okay, cool, thanks for reply. Wasn't really sure.
  13. I can't seem to build a truck base and then attach it to a rover to drive off. That is, I can't remove truck from vehicle Bay unless I build an attachment to it. Is this required? update! Never mind...didn't park other truck close enough. Whoops.
  14. anyoneother

    Generators consumption

    When I use a generator, it uses all of the organic, even if power has been filled. I thought when watching the Dev's play, only what was needed was used, and it would wait until more was needed to be consumed. any thoughts on this?
  15. anyoneother

    All the large plants turn white

    I'm getting the same, although it isn't all of them, but a large percentage, and possibly ones that are closer to base, or that I visited in prior loads.(xBox)