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  1. 16 hours ago, Venompapa said:

    Dedicated server hosted from home has achievements disabled, ive tried to host one for my friends before on my other computer only to notice neither me or they getting any achievements when connected (unless this was a bug, we didnt fiddle around with it after). Didnt knew about also its has crossplay disabled too, thats sad :(

    No dedicated server has achievements disabled, unless you're playing on a save that has had creative mode turned on at some point.

  2. 1 hour ago, Venompapa said:

    Oh and yes, either me or my friend could host a dedicated server but the problem with that its turns off the achievements for some silly reason :( and paying for an official dedicated server is just would be silly if we could play together for free.

    I'm not sure where everyone gets this misconception. Rented Dedicated (which allow crossplay) servers have never turned off achievements, and self-hosted dedicated servers (which do not allow crossplay) have not disabled achievements since the first week they were out.

    Go rent a server from GPortal. https://www.g-portal.com/us/en/gameserver/astroneer-server-hosting

  3. On 4/11/2021 at 12:03 AM, Physip said:

    Do you still have this script by any chance? It seems to be unavailable

    For anybody finding this post in the future, I wrote a tool called AstroLauncher last year that provides a UI, save management, and much more. Here's my post with a video guide you can follow if you want to setup your own server:


  4. 7 hours ago, parasitic impostor said:

    I suppose but why reddit  

    Reddit is the platform with the highest viewer count. While the forums barely gets maybe a dozen unique viewers a week, the subreddit gets thousands. 6000 unique users per DAY on average. 25,000 total pageviews per day. The subreddit simply has higher visibility 


  5. 29 minutes ago, Martin said:

    1. The discord isn't welcoming at all, you get mutes, banned etc for the pettiest reason,

    2. there's literally thousands of people logged into it and about 95% never speak, because it just isn't an enjoyable environment to talk in. 

    3. And having the "many" rooms just makes it even more tedious.  Having to move around rooms to say a very exact and specific thing

    4. whilst wondering if you're gonna be muted for it because some moderator can drag out the minutist misunderstanding is just not the place people want to go.

    5. he general lack of moderation by comparison in steam and these forums makes them far more open for people to talk in.
      5.1: Noone likes a police state and thats what the discord chat is.

    1. I'm sorry you feel that way, but you're gonna have to back up that claim. We ban people for breaking the rules. We try as hard as we can not to ban someone, for obvious reasons.
    2. That's the way of 99% of big discord servers. Most regular discord users have 10+ servers they're on, and they're gonna care about some more than others.
    3. We have a lot of channels, yes. We try to have a good reason for most and I've always been an advocate of reducing the excess channels. We have quite a few off topic channels now, but they're for specific event related things. As for the having to move between channels, We just ask you not talk about things that have nothing to do with the game in the general channel. It keeps the fluff out and allows people who actually want to talk about the game to do it.
    4. Again, this is not true. We warn, generally multiple times before muting. Moderators can't mute unless you're pretty new to the server, that's to prevent spam bots.
    5. Forums have a much worse 'flow' compared to Discord, on top of being more 'formal'. Not that the formal is a bad thing, but when you want dev communication in a non technical way, AND you want them to do the rest of their job on time? It's just not feasible for them to do so. They can't see everything like they can on the discord, it's a much smoother environment, more laid back, and it allows them to release information in a less technical fashion much faster.
    5.1: The steam forums and these forums get quite a bit of low quality, spammy posts too, but due to the nature of web chats, discord attracts a ton more spam, and it's much easier to be active on, thus we HAVE to moderate more. Please, next time you feel we're being Nazi's, let me know, and we can re-evaluate the situation. It's entirely possible for Moderators to get blinders and not see everything. If nobody says anything, how can we know?

    Saying all that, I agree that the forums should be used more by them. But you can't expect to get anywhere near what you can in an open conversation with them.

  6. 6 hours ago, Shadow Echo said:

    1. As usual, the Patch Notes aren’t as thorough as they should be.

    2. Why did you change the default medium platform?

    3. It’s silly stuff like this, especially this late in the Alpha and only 3 months away from launch, which makes me (and a lot of others as well) wonder what exactly you Devs are thinking sometimes. It doesn’t seem like you spend much time thinking about how players feel or how they might react to changes you implement.  Because there’s no communication here between Devs and players, it’s incredibly frustrating.

    4. I am disappointed there’s no mention of Terrain 2.0. I realize this update represents an enormous amount of work and I’m excited to dive into it. Having said that, Terrain 2.0 was mentioned back in spring of 2017 iirc, and y’all still haven’t said anything about when we’ll get our hands on it.
    Sad times for us players though :(  We knew a demo of Terrain 2.0 was going to be available at PAX West, so naturally it was expected Terrain 2.0 (or some part of it at least) would be in this update.

    5. While it’d be nice for sure, I know I’m not gonna hold my breath waiting to see y'all in some Devs chat channel like some Devs do (we can dream though, maybe some day...) but please create a Dev section something like that where on occasion each Dev writes a bit about what they’re working on (within reason of course).

    6. Another suggestion, make a dedicated Dev News section, somewhat similar to current Announcements Wyv makes. He admits he often runs into various problems making announcements, stuff about what can be announced or when, etc.  Anytime a DevStream is planned (or any other method of communication between Devs and players) that would be the place to list it. It’d be nice if critical news (like a Twitch broadcast that’s imminent or ongoing) would initiate a flashing ticker as well, if you know what I mean, where you see the announcement in something like a red banner or whatever moving across the very top of your screen.

    Jesus where do I begin..
    1. Would you rather them work on the game, or go too in depth about every. single. change. Realistically you don't need to know everything, and they have better stuff to do
    2. The game is in alpha, and they determined that's the way they want the progression to go. It was too easy before. That's how alpha games work
    3. The devs make vlogs, do interviews, tweet back at people, and they're nearly always hanging out in the Discord. It's not that they don't communicate. You don't look for communication.
    4. They've said many times when we'll get our hands on T2.0. We knew it was gonna be at PAX, and we knew it wasn't going to be in this update. Joe did 3? interviews AT PAX where he said that it won't be in this update. They've said many other times the same thing, again, especially in the Discord.
    5. The devs are constantly talking on the Discord.
    6. The Discord also has patch notes, twitch integration, twitter integration, YouTube integration, we make announcements anytime the devs are doing anything public. There's also a channel specifically for things they're leaking for the upcoming update.

    Point is, you're that upset about the issue but don't even bother to look for the solution. Join the discord.

  7. Unfortunately the devs are just too busy right now.

    Here's a quote from Zabir:
    "I know it can be frustrating to not have patch notes to track what we are updating, but our hair is on fire right now as we try to resolve the most egregious issues. It takes time and effort to properly track patch notes that we felt would be best put towards getting the fixes out. That being said, as things calm down over the next few days we'll certainly be keeping a log and submitting patch notes along with the patches."