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  1. Reddit is the platform with the highest viewer count. While the forums barely gets maybe a dozen unique viewers a week, the subreddit gets thousands. 6000 unique users per DAY on average. 25,000 total pageviews per day. The subreddit simply has higher visibility
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/563038926?t=01h55m19s Here we go. It's been "Officially" announced on the latest Dev stream. We are going to phase out the forums and move to Reddit and Discord
  3. 1. I'm sorry you feel that way, but you're gonna have to back up that claim. We ban people for breaking the rules. We try as hard as we can not to ban someone, for obvious reasons. 2. That's the way of 99% of big discord servers. Most regular discord users have 10+ servers they're on, and they're gonna care about some more than others. 3. We have a lot of channels, yes. We try to have a good reason for most and I've always been an advocate of reducing the excess channels. We have quite a few off topic channels now, but they're for specific event related things. As for the having to move be
  4. Can you elaborate on what you disagree with? His complaints were that the devs don't communicate enough, and I told him he isn't looking for it. He expects everything to just... appear in front of him. We have a very comprehensive view of how everything is going, because the devs DO constantly talk to the players.
  5. Jesus where do I begin.. 1. Would you rather them work on the game, or go too in depth about every. single. change. Realistically you don't need to know everything, and they have better stuff to do 2. The game is in alpha, and they determined that's the way they want the progression to go. It was too easy before. That's how alpha games work 3. The devs make vlogs, do interviews, tweet back at people, and they're nearly always hanging out in the Discord. It's not that they don't communicate. You don't look for communication. 4. They've said many times when we'll get our hands on T2.0. W
  6. Or just choose "Windowed mode" When you launch Astro from steam
  7. Unfortunately the devs are just too busy right now. Here's a quote from Zabir: "I know it can be frustrating to not have patch notes to track what we are updating, but our hair is on fire right now as we try to resolve the most egregious issues. It takes time and effort to properly track patch notes that we felt would be best put towards getting the fixes out. That being said, as things calm down over the next few days we'll certainly be keeping a log and submitting patch notes along with the patches."
  8. Devs said it didnt do anything. It was just leftover.