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  1. When using a buggy the power meter is always full, even when the power has drained it shows the meter having full power. xbox one X 1.0.3
  2. Had the same problem, turned out I have stuck a tether to the bottom of the shuttle. It was therefore blocking a slot and not allowing the thruster to fit. The thruster would then keep clicking to the inside slot. Check the slots on the bottom of the ship to ensure they are clear
  3. LittleBIGman

    poor user information on game

    Or maybe just learn how to play the game yourself instead of expecting it all on a plate. Half the fun comes from figuring things out for yourself. Such is life.
  4. LittleBIGman

    Please make storms power turbines

    I do agree with this though, putting aside real life, The turbines should spin faster during a storm to give a massive boost of energy. I would like to see a weather station that comes with the added weather effects they are adding, so we can plan ahead, see storms before they arrive etc.
  5. Don't want chests, i suggested a better alternative to resource management and storage. A station that's twice as big a research station, surrounded by glass that you put your items in, these are sorted, shrunk and stored automatically for you. It can hold 100 items or more, it has a panel that tells you what you have inside and a small conveyor when you remove items. It will work the same as those Japanese car parks or look like the vx gas rocket formation from the rock film.
  6. LittleBIGman

    Agriculture System

    Yes we know, calm down fella.
  7. LittleBIGman

    Astroneer Needs a Story/Goal

    This is already on the roadmap. System Era are already working on adding further context, missions, puzzles and adding more depth. It will come, just be patient.
  8. LittleBIGman

    Does coal even exist

    I have just built a base on barren, right next to this base is a cave and there is coal everywhere!! Veins in the ceilings, the walls, even on the floor, I have seen at least 8 veins of coal already. What do you even use it for out of interest?
  9. LittleBIGman

    Extreme Suggestion

    I like it, sure it over complicates the oxygen supply and processing, but adds a nice element of survival. They have done this for power with the next update, so who knows it may happen.
  10. LittleBIGman

    Double Size Backpack Upgrade

    Agreed, or just have something that can hold even more items, but stacked internally. Do we really need to see each item on the back of the pack? I think this is coming as are upgrades to the suits.
  11. LittleBIGman

    Please make storms power turbines

    System Era already confirmed they will be fixing the wind issue, at the moment is unreliable. Its even worse if you have a base on barren as there is no wind at all and only solar for 5 minutes before its dark!!
  12. LittleBIGman

    Agriculture System

    Hunger and thirst as per Subnautica, even minecraft has a survival system. Hopefully we will get this at a later date
  13. LittleBIGman

    Please make storms power turbines

    Actually in real life, turbines lock during storms and high winds to prevent damage to the turbine veins
  14. LittleBIGman

    Overall power data & data telemetry

    Not sure if you can see the future but this is being released next week in the next update!!
  15. LittleBIGman

    Beta test

    I still don't think people understand the concept of "Alpha" or "Game Preview".