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  1. "Patch 0.5.1" - January 18th, 2017

    I have encountered 2 potential bugs. 1. I built a large rover on my moon base vehicle bay, left the planet and went back to Terran. When I came back to my barren base the large rover had disappeared from the vehicle bay. 2. Also when I look up into the sky from barren I can see a ghost of my lander floating in space. Even though my large lander has landed correctly.
  2. "Patch 0.5.1" - January 18th, 2017

    Xbox one X, no issues saving or loading previous saves. Love the new colourful bytes screen
  3. Military Ideas

    I enjoyed reading that, sounds fantastic. Nice work
  4. Game lagged then it crash completely

    I’m using Xbox one X and it’s even worse, looks amazing in 4K HDR, but game is crippled if you use to many tethers or have a large base
  5. Make Astroneer more trilling!

    The Turbines lock up and don't spin during a storm as this would damage the blades, this is the same in real life to prevent damage. The Turbines are mostly unreliable and there does not seem to be any correlation to the wind sound in the game and when they actually spin. It seems somewhat random to me.
  6. Agreed, the progression needs to be slowed down and tiered (I believe this is already in the pipeline). Certainly not sped up, the game is about taking your time and building up slowly.
  7. Game lagged then it crash completely

    From watching some of the VLOGs and reading up on future development, it looks like Terrain 2.0 may fix a lot of these issues. Not sure if it was Terrain 2.0, but I saw one of the guys working on a rendering fix that only renders what you look at, everything else whilst still existing effectively is not loaded until its needed. This should dramatically decrease the CPU and memory usage.
  8. XBOX Performance Issues

    The Xbox One X is the issue, whilst the 4k HDR is stunning. Once you get to a reasonable sized base the FPS drops to unplayable and will crash regularly. Hopefully terrain 2.0 will help this, but we really need an FPS adjustment option for the Xbox One X version.
  9. Xbox One X Controller Xbox One X Driving a large rover in multiplayer mode with 1 other user, the other user was deforming whilst i was driving away. The large rover had 4 other rovers attached, including crane+drill head, 4 medium storage and lots of items. Rover then warped under the ground, including me, i could see inside the planet and I was flung back up to surface. All appeared normal on surface but large rover was gone completely. Have attempted to replicate, but unable.