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  1. starionx

    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    Ultrawide support - yes. Pets... NO. It was fun in Minecraft at first, but the constant animal noises drove me insane.
  2. starionx

    Update 0.6.5 - March 15th, 2018

    This. When the graphic of what you are trying to build turns pink/red, it means it's being blocked by something (usually the Astroneer). You either need to move, or move the fabricator.
  3. starionx

    First Person View

    I go into a raging frenzy when this happens... so pretty much, I'm always in a rage, when playing this game. Absolutely every move you make, is followed by that small, slow, cursor drift. IT MUST BE ELIMINATED!!
  4. starionx

    Bug leads to new gameplay

    How do you display the frame rate?
  5. starionx

    Habitat provides no power

    Haven't built a habitat in the new update, but I remember reading that they are the older small habitat (not the larger one you get when you start a new game). This being the case, the old habitat never had power (you had to add a power source), so I assume it is working the same way. Whether it's a bug or not... only the devs can say.
  6. With the new Base Building update, it has changed the way I start a game. Here's what I do. Start game. Collect resin, organic & compound and create a generator. Create tethers and a canister. Collect as much compound as I can carry and turn them into tethers. Head to the north pole. Once there, you are 99% guaranteed to be able to have permanent power using solar panels. The reason for this is the planet rotates around the sun with the sun always reasonably high in the sky when you stand at the north pole (the same does not apply for the south pole). Generally, there are mountains that block the sun, but this has no effect on the solar panels. With this in mind, it makes wind turbines almost obsolete. Even if you want to build an underground base, you just connect a whole bunch of extenders from the surface to your base underground. Yesterday, I started a new game using this technique, and I was able to fill 1 large platform with small and large solar platforms. It supplied all the Permanent power I could need. Sure, you don't have to play this way, but the fact that it can be done so easily makes me think that solar panels should stop working when the sun goes behind mountains.
  7. I've seen it happen occasionally. Playing on xbox one.
  8. Xbox One - v0.6.2.0 For the second time now, I've placed an item on the ground only to see it sink into the ground, never to be seen again. I've dug down under the item, with no luck. Is this a new, invisible sink hole that's been added to the game? For what it's worth, the first item was a power canister and the second was an 'Unknown Research' item.
  9. starionx

    Thoughts on game (Xbox version)

    Wow... talk about negativity. Perhaps this game is not for you.
  10. Could not DISAGREE with this more. This would make exploring above ground or digging tunnels ridiculously slow & unwieldy. As you move, you can hear the tether disconnect and you can quickly drop a tether at your feet without having to stop. With your example, you are moving slowly anyways, so having to pick up the tether and re-position is not a big deal.
  11. starionx

    The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    It's even simpler than that. When you bring up the back pack, you can use the left/right buttons on the D-Pad to go through the items, then press the A button to make it. No cursor needed.
  12. starionx

    Car bug

    That would make bug hunting too easy...
  13. starionx

    Power required for deform tool?

    Not on the xbox one. You only need power if you use an attachment.
  14. I hope it changes, because 'home' to me, is never where I land. I like to move to one of the Poles where the sun is up almost all of the time, and it never gets too bright. Actually, it would be great if we could maneuver the pod around the planet when we first land.