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  1. I.m on the moon and it just happened for the Third time !!!!! This bug is a game stopper! I'm through with this game until this is fixed. As it is, it's just a waste of time to continue. The small generator seems to have a bug that causes a random fly paper effect, if you get close to it you're stuck forever! It is random but does seem to happen if you build and connect several together (at least six). They don't have to be energized (i.e. fueled) for this to happen.
  2. gillie


    I had the same problem, but I put medium storage module on each side, giving me eight slots on each side, and the problem went away.
  3. I've had this happen two different times. The first time I was outside the medium lander and got caught on a small generator. I was only able to escape by getting into the lander. The second time, I was at one of those alien transporters, and got caught on the another small generator, but I can't get loose !!!! HELP!! I don't want to start all over again! No kind of action (i.e. jumping, etc) releases me. I'M STUCK !!! I've never experienced this king of bug before in this game. Must be more fallout from the Explorer Update!!!
  4. gillie

    Tethers placement

    I've noticed that the tethers are not placing well at all now that the latest update is in. Never had the kind of problems I'm experiencing now! Tethers are a real pain to use now.
  5. gillie

    Soil Centrifuge bugging out

    I've been having this problem as well, after the latest "explorer Update". it was identified as AS-7785 and fixed, but obviously this bug isn't Squashed yet. I've also noticed the Tethers aren't placing well anymore. Just a lot of hassle using them now!!!!
  6. What I'm describing is produced thru my backpack and is not a generator and is described in the game as a canister. The generator has a holographic image of the required fuel. The object I'm describing does not.
  7. I've gotten a reply to a similar question on the canisters, but I can't find it! When I create a Canister (with resin) it doesn't have the look of an empty cylinder with an indicator on the end. It looks like a solid white cylinder with 4 blue dots spaced about 1/3 down from the solid flat end. It will NOT fill with dirt! no matter how i make it! So I can't Raise or Flatten Soil, only dig it up ! That REALLY SUCKS! I tried making sure I have a generator with biofuel operating when I make the cylinder, but it doesn't matter it refuses to fill with dirt! Only ONE TIME was I able to get one of these white cylinders to function as a soil container, and I don't know how to duplicate that result ! I'm real surprised no one else has reported this but me. Maybe I have a botched install. But most everything works okay. The Hydrazine Catalyzer and the Fuel Condensor won't function at all, but other equipment seems to work well. That mean I can't get a Shuttle fueled either! As it stands, I have a only partially functional game, with no explanation from anyone as to why.
  8. I lost control of my character while I was out exploring. He suddenly just started moving backwards and would at times get off the ground. it blew me away from my large rover and I ended up near my home base. At that time instead of moving above the ground I started rising into the sky and had ZERO control. At that point I knew I was screwed big-time so I exited the game. I've heard others describe this, but it was the first time I've experienced this myself. There is no real control, but if you turn into the direction you're moving, it allows a small amount of steering. I don't know what i'll find if I reload the game, but I don't relish loosing another Rover!
  9. gillie

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I built a large rover and had to take cover before I could use it (Damn wind storms!). When the storm was over, the vehicle had two cranes imbedded into each other! I had to tow it away from the vehicle bay and use a piece of dynamite on it to dislodge the cranes. They ended up a ways away in a pit, but vehicle was OK. I didn't have crane selected on the vehicle bay, but large storage, and I still ended up with that result! 1
  10. gillie

    Shuttle upside down

    I've had a problem with the wind storms moving my large shuttle to a position that interferes with adding anything on top of it. How can you move this part shutlle (i.e. no cabin) closer to the vehicle bay?
  11. gillie

    vehicles filping over

    I had a similar problem. I just built my first rover with a seat and a sand storm blew in. After the storm passed, I discovered my brand new rover had been flipped over onto my smelter and I couldn't budge the thing! There REALLY needs to be a mechanism (other than the damn winch!) to right the vehicle!
  12. gillie

    Terrain Tool won't Raise/Smooth terrain

    I have a problem with this! When I create a canister, it doesn't look like the canister in the info, it is a straight solid cylinder with 4 blue dots about half-way down the cylinder and it doesn't pick up dirt, or have the colored dot on the end that changes color when full. The end is just flat. Consequently, I can't do anything with the terrain but dig! Really sucks!! I can't do anything that requires canisters of dirt! I haven't been able do this for several games I've started. So I don't know what I'm doing wrong!
  13. gillie


    Great IDEA !!! Hope it becomes reality before too long!