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  1. Cloud saves are due to come in the next update. For now you'd have to move the save files in C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames
  2. Then they're not your friends. At any rate, I believe you should set your status or offline/invisible.
  3. This thread has good detail. (That's why it's pinned)
  4. You'll need to start again.
  5. Has it been a while since you loaded that save? This was caused by a patch, a few releases ago. It's a side effect of fixing the multiplayer 'desync' issue.
  6. Do you have a graphics card? Also, the minimum specs say laptops aren't supported. It's hit and miss that the game works at all on laptops.
  7. Unlocked items are linked to your account. If you play the game with a stable internet connection, you should be able to access them again. I've had it happen where maybe there's a blip in the wifi and the skins aren't available when I start playing but return to the menu after half an hour. There needs to be a connection to the backend servers for them to work. Bit of an annoying way to prevent cheating I guess. They're also activating one of the limited edition skins for everyone so that might have something to do with it as the servers process the new unlocks.
  8. There's a good summary pic on the wiki The Astroneer toolbox is handy And finally the Handbook might be the sheet you're looking for...
  9. Laptops are not supported; also you need a discrete graphics card which a quick Google tells me the xps 13 doesn't have.
  10. You don't. Solid fuel thrusters require only aluminium and ammonium. Every planet has all the resources to build a small shuttle and a thruster, so you can never get stuck.
  11. This might just give me a reason to try Creative Mode!
  12. They've been very tight-lipped about this year's plans, but... The next major update is intended to be dedicated servers. They're working out the kinks following the recent beta. The planets are procedurally generated, similar to nms, there's just a limited number of types, hence the lack of variation. Automation of some kind is on the horizon. As for walls etc, there's been talk of deploying terrain in sections but nothing too detailed.
  13. Unlockables are linked to your profile on the various platforms, not to the saved games. Stuff unlocked on Steam will not be unlocked on MS, and vice versa. So if you're moving between platforms you'll have to unlock the stuff on the new platform.
  14. Last news was they were re-evaluating rolling out the servers after the data from the beta.
  15. This is a known issue. A fix is in the works.
  16. Are you in the beta branch or something by any chance? Right click Astroneer in the Steam library and check the properties.
  17. Astroneer is available in many countries, what exactly are you trying to do?
  18. They've been pretty close to monthly updates for a year, but all they've said about the next patch is...
  19. Packaged a research item on the front of the tractor, then quick-stored it. Unpacking hologram remained even after slotting in single- and double-slot items (hologram disappeared whilst the items were slotted, reappeared after removal). Fixed on restart.
  20. After my controller battery died, I got the 'reconnect controller' warning. I did so, but all controls were disabled. I wasn't tethered so my little buddy died, but controls were not restored. No buttons worked so I was forced to Quit the game via the Xbox button menu.
  21. Bit vague. This might be the kind of thing you're asking about?