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  1. This issue is related to using unsupported gfx hardware, for example mobile or integrated graphics processors.
  2. Blind Io

    Astroneer Distances

    The game's built with the development tool Unreal Engine, which uses Unreal Units as it's unit of measurement. Adam has confirmed that for this game, as per the default setting, 1UU = 1cm. So the median radius used to generate the planet will be preset in metric units. Any measurement that they use to create something, or position something, etc, will be in UU/cm. There are also certain set distances that use better graphics ("levels of detail") that the game will determine using a distance in cm from the player. So as you get closer to something from say 500m away, the game will use several tiers of better graphics to make it look better.
  3. Blind Io

    Astroneer Distances

    Off the top of my head... The units they use for development, setting view distances etc, are the engine's Unreal Units, which each equate to 1cm. Astroneers are 2m tall. Everything else is relative! Most sci-fi media use metric as the standardised system, the assumption being that Myanmar and Liberia don't add a lot of weight to the US's vote in the future!
  4. Blind Io

    Thanks Adam

    As a big supporter of the forum, your recent activity is much appreciated 👍 Now get back to the real work! Pretty things!
  5. Blind Io

    road building drill

    Check out the prototype Paver!
  6. Blind Io

    Weather systems

    The devs think so too, they just won't tell us what they've decided. They've spoken about maybe each planet having different a type of storm, for example. Weather is still in the 'maybe' pile. There's lots of question marks over what's going to happen next year!
  7. Blind Io

    Cross platform

    If you use the Microsoft Store version, you can crossplay. Otherwise, servers are coming in November and will bring with them full crossplay.
  8. Blind Io

    Update today?

    You could trust us... We must've got this idea somewhere 🤔
  9. Blind Io

    Update today?

    It isn't today over there yet 😉
  10. Blind Io

    Update today?

    The last info we got was sometime the update will be Wednesday, US Pacific Time.
  11. Blind Io

    P.A.L bundle not working

    The codes go live in the update.
  12. Blind Io

    PAX P.A.L. bundle redemption issue

    The codes go live in the update. I'd advise not sharing codes publicly. If someone redeems it before you, you won't be able to get the stuff.
  13. Blind Io

    PAX West P.A.L not being received

    Just wait for the update...
  14. Blind Io


    As far as we know, you won't be able to host your own server, it'll be a 3rd party service. Steam and Microsoft/xbox will have crossplay, we don't know about ps4 yet.
  15. Blind Io

    Would you buy merch?

    The fangamer collection is official. The t-shirts shrink...
  16. Blind Io

    Would you buy merch?

    Me want
  17. Blind Io

    Game Feature Ideas

    Direct and to the point; I like it.
  18. Blind Io - Steam/pc - 'Auto smelt'

    This is an intended temporary performance fix. For now, the smelter will still auto-pull after you smelt 1 nugget.
  19. Blind Io

    Guess what these new leeks are?

    I'd very much expect an update (however small or silly it might be) to be released during or just after PAX, being the weekend of the 30th. Maybe just before, given they don't like releasing on weekends... I'd also expect the 'big news' they've been rumouring to be a release on the Epic Store. Big news for them but not really for existing players. I might be wrong. Ed; just to add, if they've been putting off servers because they've added another platform, that seems silly.
  20. Blind Io

    Would you buy merch?

    Mmm BBQ box...
  21. Blind Io

    Cross platform play

    <insert bullshit about deadlines here> Last we heard there's a big announcement on a pax stream on the 30th, and the roadmap update is 'way before' that, so.... Maybe next week?
  22. Blind Io

    Cross platform play

    Currently, the Store version can cross-play with Xbox, Steam can't. Soon-ish, servers will let everyone play together.
  23. Blind Io

    Steam Cloud

    It may happen some day, but for now if you want to move saves, you can find them in the folder shown below. C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames
  24. Blind Io

    Can't add or flatten terrain

    Here's the wiki page for the canister. You need to suck up soil with the tool, which goes into the canister, then you can place it with flatten or add. The red x means either you don't have a canister or it's empty. If you think the canister you're printing is bugged, could you provide a screenshot?
  25. Blind Io

    Separating Hotfixes and content updates?

    Short answer, no. If they were only developing for Steam, it'd be a loose maybe. Some studios spew out a constant stream of patches, some prefer to batch things up. Working with multiple platforms - and having Microsoft Certification to complete for every update - definately encourages the latter behaviour. Any major bugs introduced by an update are usually patched in a timely manner. Do you have a particular bug or bugs in mind? Has something been fixed in an update that you think should've been fixed in a patch?