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  1. Hasn't happened to me, and I know Marc saw one of the but here's a forum post for the reports of the smelter going kooky and creating a bunch of copper without any ore.
  2. Not sure how else to put this... If you refunded the game, what would they be thanking you for?
  3. Blind Io

    Sharing save file via Xbox One?

    This is the way to access your saves, no way to do it on Xbox that's known.
  4. Blind Io

    Steam,XBOX one Save files

    Your saves will sync between Xbox and Windows Store versions, but not to your Steam account. This is how to move saves cross platform.
  5. Blind Io

    All cosmetics have been reset

    All unlockables require the game to be connected to the backend servers. Sometimes it effs up. If your internet is working fine, reloading the game usually helps.
  6. As others have put, scrapping packaged items would be fantastic and should be the headline change for this revisit. Creating debris by breaking/blowing up things deemed too large could be cool too. I too don't see why at least small/medium shuttles can't get scrapped. Especially if packaged. Maybe the resources used to craft items could affect shredability too, like items with diamond in might be too hard for a tungsten carbide shredder. SES could change the recipe for the XL shredder to enable it to shred anything...
  7. Blind Io

    Digging machine bugged away

    This is quite odd. Other things... If you're on Steam, verify your files. Check if there's a resource stuck in the slot where your tool should connect to the backpack. Restart your computer. Give us a screenshot.
  8. Cool. Like this idea. Having a massive pool of aluminium etc available without worrying about individual blocks is great! Otherwise I'd like to make more use of the shrinking tech. For example, storage items printed from a "Compressor Small Printer" or "Compressor Medium Printer" that use the original recipe plus some Astronium to produce a lil version of the original item. The medium silo printed would act like the current version but shrinked down 4 or 5 times to improve clipping/overlap. I love the power requirement on access idea! It pushes this kind of thing into later game.
  9. Blind Io

    Digging machine bugged away

    It might sound strange but have you tried killing yourself? The Astroneer, I mean.
  10. Blind Io

    Vehicle upgrade slots

    I'd like this kind of thing to be a single slot upgrade. Thought about it today, an item that's like "Having this connected to your vehicle means that pressing X doubles power output, tripling energy usage" They'd need to be expensive late game items to keep a progression curve though. Great suggestions here. I'd add a 'hover car' mode, where you can fly over simple surface obstructions with ease but don't have the torque to climb basic inclines or carry heavy loads.
  11. Really seems like a Microsoft issue to me. You can delete all save info, which would force everything to resync with your cloud saves. If the PC has old save files that haven't been removed, maybe the Microsoft file size limitations are kicking in. Anyone who suggests reformatting Windows as a solution should generally be ignored, but an uninstall of the game, disk clean up, and reinstall might be the next step. Ensure your game is version at or above 1.5.8. A couple of ways to find the relevant savegame folder to delete; 1: Windows 10 save files are located in: AppData\Local\Packages\SystemEraSoftworks[Random#]\SystemAppData\wgs\[random folder]\[random folder] 2: To quickly locate your Windows 10 save files, press Win + R and type powershell, press enter. Paste the following in the window and press enter: explorer ((Get-ChildItem $env:LOCALAPPDATA\Packages\SystemEraSoftworks*\SystemAppData\wgs\ -Recurse -Filter container.*).FullName | Where-Object { Format-Hex $_ | Select-String '\$\.(\d\.){4}' } | Split-Path)
  12. Xbox one x Just look it. Freaky, eh? Stuck in the very center of Sylva. Maybe it broke off a tractor?
  13. Good news, a few issues like this are due to be patched in the next update!
  14. Blind Io

    Purple Gateway question

    Small batteries are the key! The last 3 planets need 21, 26, and 30, so a you only need a few more than medium silo full. This page can help you plan.
  15. Blind Io

    will they allow cross play now with ps4

    This is an expected key feature of the dedicated servers. As far as we know, everyone, ps4 included, will have the same access to the servers.
  16. Blind Io

    Nintendo switch

    The game struggles a bit on Xbox, Switch would be a push. Never say never!
  17. Blind Io

    How's the work coming on dedicated servers?

    Expected in November along with the ps4 launch and a big ol' update.
  18. Blind Io

    Error during start of Astroneer

    You don't meet the minimum specs. Integrated and mobile graphics are not supported.
  19. Blind Io

    Cant research astronium

    Sometimes old nuggets go bad. Freshly mined Astronium should work.
  20. Blind Io

    research chamber

    It's the Astronium that's broken! A fresh piece should work.
  21. Blind Io

    Wanderer Update - September 25, 2019

    I'm betting on a Thursday.
  22. Blind Io

    Wanderer Update - September 25, 2019

    I doubt you'd use a console as a server, if that's what you mean. Why would you want to? You'd need one console serving and one console to play on. To clarify, dedicated servers will initially be available through (probably paid) 3rd party services. All players will have the option to utilise those services. After that, there is a plan to allow people to create their own servers later, but I don't think an Xbox is well suited to the role. I wouldn't expect self-hosting to be a feature of the console game. There are kind-hearted members of the community who have described their desire to provide one or several server instances for free when the option becomes available but that will be an entirely new side of the game.
  23. Blind Io

    Wanderer Update - September 25, 2019

    Console users will have the same access to servers as PC players. Cross-play is one of the key features.
  24. Blind Io

    New achievements on Xbox One?

    Looks like you'll be able to get them from the 26th...