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  1. Hi Today I got into the game via instant resume, I had started the session yesterday. Australian timezone. After around half an hour, it crashed. I think it was on saving as sometimes happens - as it's usually upon entering a vehicle in various circumstances, I haven't found a link that might cause this, but it occurs often enough that I've assumed it's a known issue. I did not make a note of the last time one of these happened. Attempting to reload, the game launched as far as the solar system loading screen, which was animated with occasional sticking for over 10 minutes. I quit and attempted to reload after turning off the console and quickstarting, to no avail. I then fully shut down the console via the settings menu and restarted, which allowed the game to load. Good old "turn it off and on again"! I loaded my most recent save without looking at the timestamp, but it loaded into a save from many hours before. Unfortunately it's a save from when I was exploring and now I've no way of navigating to a base. It's possible that the saves from the previous session have been lost, I'll be able to get a better sense of the time lost when I find my main base, but my vehicle has a habitat and I feel like the last base I established was a significant number of played hours ago. This feels like a weak report so sorry about that but it's the first major problem I've had with this cracking game and thought it's worth mentioning.