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  1. Never gonna happen. Performance issues aside, the interface isn't well suited to splitscreen. Imagine managing the inventories of two backpacks and tools on a 42" screen. Not pretty.
  3. And putting it as a separate post... One of the big fixes for the terrain desync issue might result in the regrowth of some already-mined terrain. Would that be acceptable to the MP Bois? No more desync for a one-off tidy up session?
  4. It's been on Xbox for years. Xbox players sometimes/often struggle to see the end of game sequence. Why would ps4 implementation change that? Ed; that said, there have been noticeable and significant upgrades in the past year. I just don't think they'd hold back on a performance boost just for ps4.
  5. You only need to activate 1 surface thing to access the core. Are you sure you used enough power? Did you do the other planets?
  6. Try looking in the valleys on Atrox, I found my Astro pumpkin pretty quick there.
  7. They're pondering a fix for this. The current solution would cause large amounts of already-removed terrain appear. That terrain could be removed again and won't come back. I think some soil getting messed up in order to kill the bug is a fair price. If anyone has an opinion on that, please comment so they can see.
  8. Microsoft versions replace all the game files, every time. Steam only used around 50MB.
  9. Just to clarify for any other players trying to move MS files... When moving files to the store version you need to replace existing files created on the machine receiving the files. Moving the whole folder wouldn't work. Glad you figured out you need to be signed into the right account
  10. All Microsoft updates fully replace the game. Steam only downloads the changes. Apparently this patch was to fix some crash issues.
  11. Have you ready launched the game and had it sync on both machines? Maybe the folder's not there yet. If you have, you can try looking in the path below, the 'random' parts are different on every machine. Shouldn't need to manually move files between Windows Store editions of the game, they're in the cloud linked to your account. AppData\Local\Packages\SystemEraSoftworks[Random#]\SystemAppData\wgs\[random folder]\[random folder]
  12. This kind of thing. Scrap canister. A later-game object that when plugged into the gun makes it a mobile scrap shrinker. Let it suck up the debris you find and when it's full you scrap it for two thirds of the resource value of the stuff you sucked up.
  13. I'm surprised it works at all with the paver not on the same vehicle as the canister.
  14. This should be fixed by now, really. I guess too many people are using the workaround rather than complaining.
  15. Gotta say, I tend to agree with OP on this one. It's not smooth to have this part of the network obscured in this way. Telling the difference between Sylva and Vesania takes a lil bit. The icons are not a user-friendly piece of the interface. No-one's playing this game to be confounded by the aliens, it's Lego in space on clay worlds. Not... Err.. I can't actually think of a game that makes you struggle with a fundamental, straightforward piece of alien tech like this. It's also difficult to see the planets unless you activate it looking away from the centre of the satellite. Then o
  16. Unreal supports the importing of files from various sources. But...
  17. Seen it mentioned a few times so... If you want to exit the game without saving, just switch to Home and launch a few apps or another game. This'll force the Xbox to dump Astroneer and won't save the game like it does if you use Quit on the app list.
  18. The game is built using Unreal Engine.
  19. You're not going to get an answer by making more topics.
  20. The difference between a dedicated server (a box that only deals with providing the world to play in) versus a player-server (a box that's running a player instance whilst also telling 3 others what's going on) is vast. It's an entirely different way of handling multiplayer. To put it another way, currently 1 machine hosts the others whilst also running the game for the host player. With dedicated servers, there is no host player, so it can focus on maintaining the game world. Add to that hardware and software designed to provide a server experience rather than a player experience, and y
  21. Great find!
  22. Doesn't match the wrecked platform, makes it look like this.
  23. You have a terrain tool... Tethers, beacons.. Options...