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  1. Blind Io

    Mini Map/ Hud compass

    I forgot to mention the navigation tip that your starter base is always on the equator, so you use the compass to head directly north or south until the band of stars is directly overhead, then head east or west. It helps to check your compass before you set off too. On other worlds, when you select a landing site, North is always on the right side so you can judge where your base is. Using the compass to make a polar base keeps it simple!
  2. Cave lures are sometimes tricky to spot. Could be that, too.
  3. Blind Io

    Mini Map/ Hud compass

    I really dislike the idea of a fixed HUD. We don't need one, at all. The game looks and feels different, and adding stuff you see in other games isn't necessarily the best thing. It's something that really splits opinion every time it gets mentioned, though. We've got a compass, and while I agree that it should show the closest beacon, I think adding too much would detract from the feeling of exploration, especially in the early game, so yeah it should be gated as the others have said. I'll be interested to see how they execute maps when they get to it on the roadmap!
  4. Blind Io

    Idea Local Multiplayer

    I see no reason why a sibling should need to eat a cake, when the other has already eaten the cake. No reason a sibling should pay to ride a roller-coaster when the other already has. Etc.
  5. December. No specific date yet, but the anniversary of the first release is the 16th so near then might be a good bet!
  6. Blind Io

    Idea Local Multiplayer

    They've said that one of the main problems is with splitscreen - the way the UI works, especially the backpack, needs a good bit of space!
  7. Blind Io

    Don't die inside your habitat!

    This is known. People have moved them out by jamming a platform behind them.
  8. Unfortunately the minimum requirements state 'non mobile' graphics. Optimisations are coming, and additional support may be added after the game leaves Early Access. I'm not sure what additional settings you're looking to add that will solve the problem. Could you please suggest some?
  9. Blind Io

    Planet Center - Behaviors ?

    When you're on one side of the core, there's the remaining mass of the planet on the other side of the core.
  10. Blind Io

    Game failing to save

    This is unfortunately a long running issue. Apparently it has some link to Microsoft profile statuses and/or 'instant on' Sometimes a full shutdown of the console via the settings menu will fix the problem.
  11. Blind Io

    Terrain tool glitch

    This is a long running issue unfortunately, but it will be fixed when the new terrain system is implemented. We're getting a bit of that next month, then the full thing in December.
  12. To restate; The final EA update will likely be in November. All current planets will be the same, but there will be at least one moon added which is built with Terrain 2.0. Planets are being rebuilt in t2.0 along the same collection of biomes, to replace the current planets at the 1.0 release. Saves will 100% not be supported in the changeover to 1.0. As for progress, there's little to no info either way so why bother guessing? It looks like they're at the stage of tweaking the environments of each planet, it's a fair expectation that the newly rebuilt planets exist in some form already ready to be deployed.
  13. Blind Io

    Stuck on home planet

    You need a small shuttle, a rover seat, one single use thruster on the shuttle and one in your backpack. Wolframite is found off the first planet, for example on the moon.
  14. Blind Io

    Planet Center - Behaviors ?

    Except you're in a sphere, so the principle is that when you're at the center, the mass is all around you, so gravity is pulling you evenly in all directions. If you're digging a tunnel to the core, there will always be more mass in front of you until you reach the core.
  15. To clarify, the update will contain a new terrain 2.0 moon or moons, leaving existing planets as they are. It's a fair certainty that the update to be skipped is the October, leaving one in November.