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  1. SES Vlog 028: Splitters & Space Kamehamehas

    Just a pointer, but a small windmill costs half and produces half vs a medium windmill. Coupled with a medium storage, this makes them more efficient as you can have the equivalent of 4 medium turbines attached to 1 twin slot. They can also stand alone meaning if you find aluminium early in the game you can use wind without using storage slots, and they are much cheaper to research. There's definitely very little use for researching small batteries and solar.
  2. Xbox Version Bugs??

    Yeah it's pretty buggy buddy. Very hit and miss.
  3. No solution, but improvements are definitely coming! Hosting with a top-end PC might see some improvement, but really, the game's just not there yet. The last 3 months have been about getting asset content into the game. The next 3 months on the roadmap are pretty much all about in game performance (Terrain 2.0 is set to show us some impressive stuff!) and also the big boon for multiplayer will be dedicated servers.
  4. Limited Draw Distance

    It's a global limit at the moment. The next few updates are generally aimed at performance optimisation rather than asset content so we should see some improvement soon.
  5. Update 0.6.5 - March 15th, 2018

    Yeah Xbox updated here over 12hrs ago, win10 shows version 0.6.2 but has the 0.6.5 notes on the load menu
  6. update 0.6.5

    I'm not sure where it's a problem but it does appear to be one. Many users have noted this. My Xbox updated 12 hours ago but win10 has not updated. I will note that the Xbox actually downloaded 2 updates of the same size so maybe that's linked to the issue.
  7. crash help

    Was the old game started on a previous version? Because old saves are unstable.
  8. From Cave to Sky to Grave

    Not sure if they're on Radiated, but are you watching out for lures/danglers?
  9. Patch Bugs

    They appear to be dropping off to the caves below in some cases...
  10. Should be fixed in today's update
  11. The Tethers Oh God the Tethers

    Yes and yes. Optimization is on it's way. The Roadmap will be updated soon after this week's patch is released. Much of the next 3 months is centered around performance improvements as the game moves towards version 1.0.
  12. Known bug, they're not behaving properly yet,especially on uneven ground and slopes. Directionality is intended. Connected to the first point, try using R1/L1 to rotate before placing and placing the extender just short of maximum length
  13. Bug Database

    It's been discussed in the past (I'd like to see a list of headline bugs) and the answer given was that it's built into their internal roadmapping and isn't practical to maintain separately. I agree 100% that this is a fairly lacking platform for bug management! It's safe to assume game breakers are caught fairly effectively, but the little guys can be tricky!
  14. Repacking 4 slot items

    Second wave of modularity, due on Thursday maybe. New rovers, new platforms, mobile bases, a few other things. There's a stream VOD on Mixer that's shows it off.
  15. Other than "Re-initialize Cargo"...

    It is indeed destined for greater things. The devs haven't said what, but they did confirm that'll be used for something else.