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  1. Xbox one x Just look it. Freaky, eh? Stuck in the very center of Sylva. Maybe it broke off a tractor?
  2. Good news, a few issues like this are due to be patched in the next update!
  3. Blind Io

    Purple Gateway question

    Small batteries are the key! The last 3 planets need 21, 26, and 30, so a you only need a few more than medium silo full. This page can help you plan.
  4. Blind Io

    will they allow cross play now with ps4

    This is an expected key feature of the dedicated servers. As far as we know, everyone, ps4 included, will have the same access to the servers.
  5. Blind Io

    Nintendo switch

    The game struggles a bit on Xbox, Switch would be a push. Never say never!
  6. Blind Io

    How's the work coming on dedicated servers?

    Expected in November along with the ps4 launch and a big ol' update.
  7. Blind Io

    Error during start of Astroneer

    You don't meet the minimum specs. Integrated and mobile graphics are not supported.
  8. Blind Io

    Cant research astronium

    Sometimes old nuggets go bad. Freshly mined Astronium should work.
  9. Blind Io

    research chamber

    It's the Astronium that's broken! A fresh piece should work.
  10. Blind Io

    Wanderer Update - September 25, 2019

    I'm betting on a Thursday.
  11. Blind Io

    Wanderer Update - September 25, 2019

    I doubt you'd use a console as a server, if that's what you mean. Why would you want to? You'd need one console serving and one console to play on. To clarify, dedicated servers will initially be available through (probably paid) 3rd party services. All players will have the option to utilise those services. After that, there is a plan to allow people to create their own servers later, but I don't think an Xbox is well suited to the role. I wouldn't expect self-hosting to be a feature of the console game. There are kind-hearted members of the community who have described their desire to provide one or several server instances for free when the option becomes available but that will be an entirely new side of the game.
  12. Blind Io

    Wanderer Update - September 25, 2019

    Console users will have the same access to servers as PC players. Cross-play is one of the key features.
  13. Blind Io

    New achievements on Xbox One?

    Looks like you'll be able to get them from the 26th...
  14. This issue is related to using unsupported gfx hardware, for example mobile or integrated graphics processors.