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  1. Blind Io - Steam/pc - 'Auto smelt'

    This is an intended temporary performance fix. For now, the smelter will still auto-pull after you smelt 1 nugget.
  2. Blind Io

    Guess what these new leeks are?

    I'd very much expect an update (however small or silly it might be) to be released during or just after PAX, being the weekend of the 30th. Maybe just before, given they don't like releasing on weekends... I'd also expect the 'big news' they've been rumouring to be a release on the Epic Store. Big news for them but not really for existing players. I might be wrong. Ed; just to add, if they've been putting off servers because they've added another platform, that seems silly.
  3. Blind Io

    Would you buy merch?

    Mmm BBQ box...
  4. Blind Io

    Cross platform play

    <insert bullshit about deadlines here> Last we heard there's a big announcement on a pax stream on the 30th, and the roadmap update is 'way before' that, so.... Maybe next week?
  5. Blind Io

    Cross platform play

    Currently, the Store version can cross-play with Xbox, Steam can't. Soon-ish, servers will let everyone play together.
  6. Blind Io

    Steam Cloud

    It may happen some day, but for now if you want to move saves, you can find them in the folder shown below. C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames
  7. Blind Io

    Can't add or flatten terrain

    Here's the wiki page for the canister. You need to suck up soil with the tool, which goes into the canister, then you can place it with flatten or add. The red x means either you don't have a canister or it's empty. If you think the canister you're printing is bugged, could you provide a screenshot?
  8. Blind Io

    Separating Hotfixes and content updates?

    Short answer, no. If they were only developing for Steam, it'd be a loose maybe. Some studios spew out a constant stream of patches, some prefer to batch things up. Working with multiple platforms - and having Microsoft Certification to complete for every update - definately encourages the latter behaviour. Any major bugs introduced by an update are usually patched in a timely manner. Do you have a particular bug or bugs in mind? Has something been fixed in an update that you think should've been fixed in a patch?
  9. Blind Io

    The Lunar Update - July 18th, 2019

    Is it on a platform with storage available? There has been a change where an empty slot is now required...
  10. Yup. It needs to be on a platform with storage attached. Weird thing introduced recently.
  11. Blind Io

    Is the Lunar Lander Staying?

    The Lander will stay, but it won't unlock anything. Gathered fireworks will stay, but bouncers won't spawn. (I can't be bothered gathering the screenshots right now, but I can be trusted to repeat what the devs have said.)
  12. The devs absolutely know, and it's likely the fix will be in the August update.
  13. This was a fairly recent change, where the devs modified the smelter's behaviour. You now need to have available storage slots connected to the smelter - the large silos won't work yet either.
  14. Blind Io

    if i begin a new game....

    On Steam, go to C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames For win10 it's more tricky. To quickly locate your Windows 10 save files, press Win + R and type powershell. Paste the following in the window and press enter: explorer ((Get-ChildItem $env:LOCALAPPDATA\Packages\SystemEraSoftworks*\SystemAppData\wgs\ -Recurse -Filter container.*).FullName | Where-Object { Format-Hex $_ | Select-String '\$\.(\d\.){4}' } | Split-Path) Or navigate to AppData\Local\Packages\SystemEraSoftworks[Random#]\SystemAppData\wgs\[random folder]\[random folder] Either way, the most recently modified files are the latest save. Xech's tool on the community resources page can take care of this for you on both platforms.