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  1. Recently, my rovertrain fell through the ground, and is unrecoverable. As this seems to not be an intended feature, I would like to perform a mulligan and cheat in a new rover. This game is in early access, and understandably has a few bugs. A way to recover from them would be a nice temporary fix while the bugs are ironed out.
  2. I think it already autosaves, as my rover fell through the ground, I alt-f4ed, and I came back still falling to the center.
  3. Sea_Kerman

    Add aerial drones / quad-copters

    The copters would both be 4 arm designs, with coax rotors on the larger version. The arms would fold down when packed, forming a tube-copter. Kind of like this: Attatch point on the top and bottom.
  4. Sea_Kerman

    Add aerial drones / quad-copters

    Me likey. Working on concept art ideas..
  5. Sea_Kerman


    Why Are You Typing Like This? Also, this is a great idea!
  6. Sea_Kerman

    Different Control Scheme for Rovers

    Mechanum wheels would be cool though...
  7. Instead of having rovers follow the camera, could we just have them respond to WASD? it would probably make driving much easier. If we want to keep the camera controls, make it so the rover can do this:
  8. Somewhere between landed and orbiting, we should be able to take manual control of Shuttles. Perhaps when taking off, you start in manual mode, space for thrust, wasd for move, when you go up to a certain altitude, you get the orbit prompt. When you land from orbit, you click on the site, and when you get to a few hundred meters, you enter manual mode so you can precisely choose your landing spot. Manual mode would allow you to fly around the planet on a smaller and more controllable scale than orbiting. It would also fix the problem of landing a Shuttle inside another Shuttle.