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    "125" - February 16th, 2017

    oh good, my steam Client just went back to 122 experimental....so....125 is canceled??
  2. ikorbln

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    same here, my trucks went upside down and get lost through the floor edit: oh god thx. over steam Comes the downgrade to the 122 experimental, so think 125 is canceld?
  3. ikorbln

    "125" - February 16th, 2017

    There are some Bugs with this patch. with the experimental i had stabel 60fps. now im back down to 35fps. And my items and trucks are dropping down in the ground and they are gone.....
  4. ikorbln

    Truck and Rover Disappearing

    i think the problem is that they are glitching through the world. i lost some trucks and rovers and items. when i go to a cave under my base, i found the items back.
  5. ikorbln


    Good work. To solve fps probs please start a new map. With my old map i have only 30 to 20 fps, with a new map i have constant 60 fps with middle base and tethers. No freezes or crashes.
  6. ikorbln

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    i use the fist beta. i just saw there is a second beta in my downloads so i will test again
  7. ikorbln

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    same here. if you are unlucky the truck is gone forever.
  8. can you give mor details? how exactly the process is? i think, with a hydrocondenser and a tradeplatform you never need to go out find recources, because you get all you need instantly from the trade. and the hydro is comming over time, just need energy and time. so it is a liitlebit easy to survive
  9. ikorbln

    No Game exit button

    Ok. Thx.
  10. ikorbln

    No Game exit button

    There is no way to exit the game from the homescreen of the game. I have to load my game end hit the last menu after pressing esc.
  11. Hi guys, when i reload my savegame, the terrain will change/rebuild at some places. So my base get a little bit destroyed/deformed. Also some of the bit rockets that i found were gone. My specs are: System is an I5 4440 with 12GB RAM and an GTX960 with 4GB. Playing with Keyboard/Mouse. I play on steam.
  12. same here, have the steam version. System is an I5 4440 with 12GB RAM and an GTX960 with 4GB. Playing with Keyboard/Mouse.