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  1. When my friend tries to join me, it works, but when I try to join him the game freezes and crashes. We are on xbox
  2. I was flying my spaceship around in space, and after a few trips I came back to my base but my car wasn't there. Then I remembered that when I was orbiting a planet there was an extra vehicle beacon. HOW IS MY TRUCK ORBITING ANOTHER PLANET!
  3. mostly because one of my favorite youtubers (etalyx) played the game and i really want to watch it
  4. all animals, real or ingame, are reffered to by the sounds they make. doggos are woof woofs, pigs are oink oinks and cows are moo moos etc. because why not
  5. I already knew about base building but i didnt put it in since i thought it was obvious. ill still stay away from stuff just in case. after all its only a few more days till christmas
  6. I've been avoiding gameplay footage/screenshots because this is my first time ever to go into a game comepletely clueless and get that amazing feeling when you find something new. Unfortunately I've already seen caves, fart cloud monsters, buggies, drills and the ability to go to other planets. Is there anything else to be spoiled, or is there no point trying anymore?
  7. ooo they should make fogs... fun dogs?... doesnt really work does it...
  8. I was playing the trail just to make sure I really am in love with this game (and i am) but sometimes for no reason at all the framerate drops to an estimated 10 fps. also the graphics get a bit hazy at this time. The first time it happened it was for more than 10 seconds, but the second time it was only for about 5.