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    camera annoyances

    - camera spins randomly 360 deg (or 270?), effectively losing my focus and disotienting me .. sometimes precisely when gathering ores, sculpting climbs or puting items in sockets, messing up things - everytime i go out from closed spaces i have to move away the camera manually, i like to have a panoramic view to be aware whats up around me so i have to scroll the wheel everytime.. would be nice if game remembers last setting and restores auto when have enough space (also could turn character transluscent in closed spaces)
  2. some random toughts about the discussion --- previous the research update i stopped playing after the 3rd planet because i discovered the mechanics (monotonous, it lost the magic for me) = habitat > mineral extractor > smelter (> research station) > printer > vehicle bay > large rover with storages > hydrazine > large shuttle with storages > place an habitat, solar panel, battery, a storage full of material samples and others full of compound and resin > go to another planet > repeat --- the main reason i build mineral extractor is because the base stops to work at night.. i.e. solar panels dont work at night, neither do wind turbines (bug?), so i need to produce many power at day to storage and use at night (lesson learned from planetbase ) ... if days were sunny and nights (and caves) windy, we wont need so much batteries to store daylight, so we wont need so much lithium --- i like the idea of "research widget" to research small things at first --- i also like the idea that you have to move another area to research small rover, another further area to research habitat, another to small shuttle, another planet to research large rover, large shuttle, batteries or whatever --- it comes to my mind the research system from syndicate, syndicate wars and satellite reign... in that games you hire scientists with money earned with missions (here could be with energy, since to place energy needs work too) then you "assign" X scientist to research technology A, Y scientist to technology B, etc... then you get some graphs telling how many time remains, you can custom assigned scinentists/time to projects at your will --- about previous point, in fact you could manage every module's energy according your preferences, you could even remove builtin energy storages (if turbines would work) (please make small batteries rechargeable) --- also in that games, you can find some rare arctifacts (say a plasma gun) and choose beetween use it or research it (destroying it) to produce your owns later... so you could find a battery or cabin from wrecks and use it, or research it, this will kill the need to have a "research catalog"... it also could requiere some "research skill", "research tier" and ask for materials during research (last idea taken from system shock 2) --- i told planetbase has 3 types of storm, these could be implemented too = - sand storms: solar panes dont work, turbines work at max, reduces visibility and speed (already in astroneer, except for turbines) - solar storms: solar panels work at max, no wind, progressive damage outdoor - lightning storms: neither turbines or panels work (because of rain?), but lightning rods can attract and collect great amounts of energy, heavy damage to anything hitted --- the previous point could open questions for new mechanics - indoor structures, currently the only one is the habitat - rain could also be used as water source in the future - character stats besides "oxygen level" (health, hunger, thirst, skills, etc) - robots!
  3. i said ... putting technologies in planets other where the materials are ... currently you can research all technologies without moving from terran planet (and with a lot of patience ) .. maybe would be more fun with basic and cheap technologies at first, it will consume less energy and time also, and will turn the game mode dynamic (could not edit nor delete previous comment)
  4. dimwetoth nice post i also think devs could just restrict basic technologies to terran planet, and put a specific advanced technology to each other planet, in some way ... form example sorting technologies in categories and levels and put them in research items available only in some planets for example starting terran planet would supply just small shuttle and fuel condenser... ammonium could be in a planet other where hydrazine catalyzer technology is, other where large shuttle is, other where large cabins or crane are... batteries technology in a planet other with lithium, etc etc and would be terrific if would exist indoor structures =D .. there are no limits
  5. starionx yes i use to attach solar panels and batteries to interconnection nodes in this pattern, i use to attach storages into modules O O O | | | R - I - I - I - O | | | O O O R = research station I = interconnection node with solar panel or battery attached O = other module with this configuration, while some item is researching it sucks all power from everywhere like a magnet, leaving whole base unpowered i could workaround this behavior putting a small solar panel of all modules in front connection, so it charges itself first then the rest of the base ... but what happens during night with batteries???, researching drains all base power either like a black hole would be good if researching have the least energy priority, so the research station could work only when there are no uncharged modiules (charging lasts only a few seconds)... currently is the opposite
  6. KungFuStu72 then you agree with me the new research system turns gameplay insanely slow.. in the sense it drains all energy turning your base off and forcing you to wait for hours the post is not about the expensiveness of technologies, expensive technologies are ok, however the more expensive the more the base is shutted down the real problem is the base are always POWERED OFF and you have to wait, is very annoying but in the meanwhile i can spend time crafting tethers, containers, gathering and accumulating resources that i cant process yet, it is very monotonous ... or i enter in habitat and switch game to background and wait until finishes and energy restores, viewing youtube or post in forums please fix the energy vacuum issue... until easier the game was even funnier before update because you was always doing something different (have you ever played system shock 2 or planetbase?)
  7. i like astroneer .. i thought it nedded a research update also .. but until the idea behind the update is good, the implementation is catastrophic research station is an energy hog, and the technologies are way too expensive, the research has the top energy priority to "buy" a good technology you have to be all day just loading items in station because the are so expensive that you need to research many items ... in addition the research station drains the energy of all my base turning it off and useless ... so i cant do anything else while collecting bytes, it is really boring and frustrating .. while researching i leave the game running in background while browsing internet, forums or whatever i like the research system in SYSTEM SHOCK 2 (the best game in history, but poorly marketed) ... i like astroneer would take some ideas from this masterpiece, for example.. - classify items and technologies in categories, e.g.: rock, organic, alien, hardware, augments, etc - loading items in station enables you to research technologies just of its own category (this way you also could put some categories exclusively to some planets) - at some point(s) in the middle of research, it asks for some resource (e.g.: composite, copper, etc) to continue researching or choosing a path between posible results - make advanced technologies requires some "research experience level" (of some specific category?), gainied by researching basic technologies first, buying somewhere or whatever - make the research station NOT TO DRAIN THE WHOLE BASE'S ENERGY (make it drain just the HALF of the stream, or customize some way for example) so until slower you can still continue playing
  8. hi ... i like astroneer but storms are dull, only wind, could be more interesting with lightnings storms are the only weather event in astroneer... i played planetbase time ago and i liked weather system, they have no flora or fauna but had 3 risky weather events that can also be turned into advantages... storms (hurricanes), lightnings and solar storms hurricanes = slows down colonysts walk speed, however eolic generators run at max capacity ... astroneer ones additionally disturbs visibility lightnings (+ rain?) = colonysts hitten lightning while outdoor can be severely damaged, but can be exploited with LIGHTNING RODS as a very good energy source solar storms = outdoor colonysts reached by solar storms are damaged over time, however solar panels run at max capacity i think solar storms in planetbase could be improved with a "pulse" animation (they only change color pallete to a lighty one).. additionally in astroneer there are geothermal energy (at least in some alphas) ... astroneer hurricanes additionally disturbs visibility, in planetbase solar panels cannot operate during huricanes and night, so eolic generators are the only way to get power during hurricanes, they also could be accompained with lightnings, i dont know astroneer could evolve .. imagine a planetbase like game where you control a single colonyst, with indoor structures like biodomes, factories, storages, corridors, etc., .... like when in warcraft 3 you control a group of units and heroes from a birds eye perspective, and then change to world of warcraft to control a single hero unit from a more immersive 3rd person perspective .. that could be astroneer compared to planetbase, they are excelent games but with a lot of unexploited potential.. the games are different but i am addicted to both .. would love if there was a combined game .. play planetbase to get ideas