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  1. So at the start of a new game you normally initialize a cargo drop which delivers a "Starting Platform" and a Starting Medium Printer. In my latest save I initiated the cargo drop but never used the items, I wanted to build my own base from scratch. The Starting Platform has a beacon or tag on it to show you where it is. But this is visible no matter where you go. You can see it when you're underground. You can see it through the land if you drive over the horizon. You can see it from everywhere. Which leads to a bit of an exploit in that you've always got a marker to show you the way home. Basically you can't get lost. It's not a big problem but now I know about it I can't help but abuse the exploit.
  2. KungFuStu72

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    1.When I'm on my JCB (large rover with crane/drill) or recycling truck (large rover with shredder) the nuggets that I produce (resources or scrap) always go to any of the rovers open slots first before they fill up the medium storage that I put on the rover to facilitate unloading. If possible could you reverse this so that the produced nuggets go to the storage as a priority. 2.It would be helpful if the item I just produced in the chemical lab would move to the shoulder slot / attached storage rather than sitting in the "output tray" which blocks the machine. If it jumped to storage I could then start producing the next item without having to exit the controls. Neither of these are game breaking by any stretch of the imagination but I'm lazy so it would improve the quality of my lazy life. ?
  3. KungFuStu72

    The Crafting Update - September 6th, 2018

    I know I am a little late to the party but I've finally got round to playing the latest build of the game and I just want to say how much I love it. The game finally has some structure. It feels like you've given me everything I was asking for 8 months ago but delivered it in a much more elegant method than anything I'd thought of. The fact that you've now locked off large chunks of the game behind Tungsten & Iron and made me leave Terran to go and find them is perfect. And the fact that I've got to go find them in a small shuttle with no cargo capacity and a disposable one shot thrusters makes it feel like my off world excursions need some real thought and planning. I also love the wrecked Exo Habitats that populate the world. It gives you a real feeling of desolation, all these other missions that failed.
  4. KungFuStu72

    Items I use/don't use

    With reference to people piloting the shuttle from an open seat, I find that a totally alien idea. It's just something I could never do as it doesn't "feel right" in my mind when playing the game. I've got to wait, research and build the enclosed seat to protect myself during space flight. It's funny how we all play the game differently.
  5. KungFuStu72

    The Rover Update - May 8th, 2018

    I think I might have to start adding a seat to the last truck in my land trains to make reversing a bit easier. With the new control method I keep jack-knifing and getting really jammed up.
  6. KungFuStu72

    The Rover Update - May 8th, 2018

    Yay, forward facing travel! The universe is back in alignment, thank you. ?
  7. KungFuStu72

    The Rover Update - May 8th, 2018

    I'm not liking the fact that on the large rover I'm sitting "side-saddle" all the time. Has anyone worked out a decent way to mount the "Open 1 seat" so it faces the direction of travel?
  8. KungFuStu72

    Update 0.6.5 - March 15th, 2018

    I'm glad I'm not the only one, I've been thinking exactly the same thing about Large C and Extra Large. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a screenshot to show either of these two being used well. Love the large D "shelf system" though.
  9. KungFuStu72

    Mineral Extractor far too OP?

    What you're saying is true, the mineral extractor in its current form does make exploring second and subsequent planets much easier. It takes away the pain of having to fly resin to your next planet. But due to it's cheap byte value (500 bytes) it's far too easy to obtain at the start of the game. On your third play/save buy the resource extractor as soon as you've sorted your power / research needs and feel free to use / abuse it. You'll never need to explore and search for resin or compound again. You'll drive past deposits and simple ignore them, why bother mining the stuff when you can obtain vast quantities with the flick of a switch. This is where I believe early access to the mineral extractor reduces the need for exploration and the joy / relief of finding a large deposit in the early game. By making the extractor more expensive we would have to make harder choices. Do I make base building easier by having access to unlimited resources OR do I make exploring easier by researching the rover? By the time you're ready to move to another planet you will probably have surplus research to pay the inflated extractor price. As my closing note, if the mineral extractor cost 10,000 bytes, and it had always cost that much since bytes were first introduced, would people be asking for the cost to be reduced? Would people risk asking for the game to be made easier? Would people risk the barrage of replies telling them to "suck it up", "do it the hard way for 5 minutes" and "stop being such a wimp"?
  10. KungFuStu72

    Mineral Extractor far too OP?

    So are you calling for the cost of all technology to be reduced to 1 byte? Give people access to everything at the start and trust them to use it responsibly. As I've said before I believe this easy access to unlimited resources should just come later in the game. Make players do things the hard way a little longer, then they'll appreciate the rewards all the more when they eventually arrive.
  11. KungFuStu72

    resource compactor

    By improving carrying capacity you allow more exploration as there are less tedious trips back to base to drop off the resources you've found. By improving base storage capacity, if you use some form of vending machine or silo, you temporarily remove the resource nuggets from the gaming world. If the game no longer has to remember the location of all these little nuggets then performance should improve. These are some of the reasons why I want improved storage solutions!
  12. KungFuStu72

    Name the Astroneers

    I've checked the ideas log and I can't see this listed anywhere, probably because it's such a stupid little inconsequential idea but here goes anyway. I'd quite like you to name the little astroneers that I keep killing. Just so I can keep an eye on how careless I am being with their lives. Give them a name and I might look after them a bit more. It doesn't need to take up a large part of the game, possibly just an on screen message during the new astroneer deployment sequence - "Here comes Colin" or it could be a name badge on their uniform / backpack but let us know who we're now in control of, which life we're risking. You could do this either by serial number (001, 002, 003, etc) or by alphabetical name (Adam, Beth, Charlie, Dorothy, etc). You could even have a different name set for the different astroneer models, set 1 are numbered, set 2 (the orange astroneer who I've always thought of as cosmonauts even though I just googled it and found a picture of John Glenn wearing an orange spacesuit) could have Russian sounding names, set 3 could have girls names and set 4 boys names. However, never limit how many we can kill. Don't restrict us to 10 lives or any of that nonsense. Maybe just make the names less cool every time you go through the alphabet. This way if I post a screen shot of me doing something with "Dorris" you'll all know how careless I am. Now for the good bit / bad bit / going too far bit. You connect the named astroneers to an eventual in game achievement. "Set up a base on every planet before you kill your 26th astroneer!" or "Complete the research catalogue before you run out of named astroneers". Something small to make us care about these little explorers!
  13. KungFuStu72

    Mineral Extractor far too OP?

    I think it's fine as it is but should come later in the game. Basically it should cost more bytes, 500 is way too cheap. Early in the game you should be out exploring and celebrating when you find a large resin deposit. Later in the game when you've gone to another planet, extracting resin from dirt should be the preferred option, you're now past being a resin miner.
  14. KungFuStu72

    Astroneer Power Problem

    How much do you use generators & organics? I know everyone plays the game their own way but I'm guessing most people use them to power early research to unlock wind/solar power then never go back to them. Mowing the lawn and cutting down trees is way too labour intensive, I'd much rather be off exploring. While your system sounds good I don't think it would be too useful. By the time I've unlocked the medium storage my power needs are pretty much sorted from wind & solar. Also for your system to work the generator would have to know your entire stations power demands, and the power supply from wind & solar, and then automatically stop/start as the supply & demand changes. Otherwise the generators will burn all your organics during the day even though your solar system can supply everything.
  15. KungFuStu72

    "Patch 0.5.1" - January 18th, 2018

    I'm not too sure about this multi-phase research rate, it seems a little pointless to me. For those who've not read the notes or experienced the system, the bytes now come off projects at different rates. Some items might give up their bytes faster at the start of the research cycle others might have their peak rate at the end or in the middle. The idea being that if you got most of the bytes in the first phase you can trash the rest of the project and start a new one. Or you can just leave the project running while you're off exploring/mining etc. The only way this new system would be of real benefit is if you've got loads of projects lined up waiting to go. But if that's the case just build more research chambers. Maybe a future update will bring in more changes to make this multi-phase rate worthwhile but at the moment it's not doing much for me. Or maybe I'm just not understanding the benefits.