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    Astroneer - Should You Buy This Game?!

    Hey @Pi_ and @Wyvyrias, First of all I want to apologize with those things that you mention. It was indeed a little click bait to my video. But actually, the main purpose of it is to actually review the product and provide points on how good the game is. And yes, it just hit me now that the title of the video should be "you" lol. I actually thought of "Should I Buy This Game" since that's what usually people type in on google or YouTube. But anyway, it all seems to be clear now and I am grateful to both of you. Anyway my plan is to interact with the viewers and to see their points of view about the game as well because I might have missed mentioning some specific aspects. Also, the idea of this video came when I was deciding to purchase the game whenever it is on sale. Rather than watch some long gameplay on youtube, I'd rather find a video of a quick gameplay and review straightforward with the strengths and weaknesses of the game. On the other hand, I will keep on posting more videos about Astroneer. Mostly how to's or let's play or another discussion video whenever a new update comes out. This game is really great. And this is one of the early access games that I am always excited to play and discuss with other players. I believe a transparent growth in game development is a good thing. As they usually say, good things come to those who wait and who works hard on it. Thank you soooo very much!
  2. Hey Everyone, Just posting this video that I made. It's essentially just a quick review of Astroneer and if it's worth buying(it is worth buying). I've also pointed out the things I love and hate about the game. Thanks and Enjoy!