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    Vehicle flipping over leading to a variety of bugs

    Ah i want to add, going in and out of the seat no longer fixes the issue anymore. But saving the game by going inside the habitat seems to do the trick now.
  2. About not being able to interact with inventory, i noticed that the rover can do that. Going in and out of the seat apparently fixes it at times but can also cause it apparently. I myself didnt understand what was happening until by luck i actually got in and out of the seat due to whatever reason And it worked lol. Though it doesnt always work. Sometimes it takes abit of a drive lol.
  3. CloudStalker

    Vehicle flipping over leading to a variety of bugs

    Platform: Steam Version: Specifications: OS: Windows10 CPU: i7 GPU: GTX 970 3gb Drive: 256 SSD (Have 1TB HDD, but the game is located in the SSD) RAM: 8gb Sorry about this, wanted to edit. But was abit too late.
  4. A long series of bugs that i have experienced due my friend flipping over in a vehicle BUG 1: Flipping vehicles. I am the host player and i usually play with a friend. My friends rover constantly flips when she drives it, mine works perfectly. However when we switched rovers, she still kept flipping over and I on her rover would apparently flip over randomly even while keeping it stationary. Sometimes the rover would be found flipped even though nobody was interacting with it. BUG 2: Only host can exit flipped vehicle Having her flip so many times made me realize that only the host can exit a flipped vehile. Which would require me to get off and help her. Usuallly digging a hole. However sometimes even after making a hole, she wouldn't get out. So i just picked up the seat from the rover. This in turn would make the rover fly. Sometimes it would come back after a bit of flight. Or it would just disappear. BUG 3: Host and 2nd player on the same rover If both of us are on the same rover and it flips accidentally, the moment i exit the rover and flip, it literally goes sky high taking both of us in the air. Enough height to kill us both, we were lucky to be next to a huge mountain. The rover was never seen again. BUG 4: Driver seat and Inventory Now leaving my vehicle so many times led to another bug. I could no longer interact with anything. I could only dig. Seemingly going in and out of the driver seat can fix this bug but also cause it. BUG 5: Respawn prefers Host When we both die together and respawn together. She cannot get out of the Habitat(dropship) that respawns us because my habitat lands directly over her habitat. Even after i come out and it leaves, she still cant get out.