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  1. Playing through the game I noted that the waypoints for beacons were being interacted with by the lighting/environmental effects of the engine and by 'solid' sky objects such as Clouds. This adversely affects the the navigation of the player even in scenarios where it should not a concern Repro: 1. Drop beacon 2. Place the following items between the beacon and player: Fog, Clouds, Sunlight (angling the sun's location so it comes near where the beacon is shown)
  2. I'm going to disagree, I think a map is really not necessary. I like the idea of getting lost, it adds a lot of enjoyment in the emotion in the game. I would however, like a compass showing the beacons the player drops.
  3. I thought of an idea of an upgraded vehicle dock building that if you put a power generation unit and a perhaps a storage unit, then the vehicle bay could be upgraded to a dock, for feeding and care of vehicles. The building would allow storage and changes to be made on vehicles, adapting them for current needs and storing the other parts while not in use. Also it allows the vehicle to dock and charge, making the building a decent plannable parking space/garage for trucks and rovers.
  4. perhaps a landing pad building? that way you can build a ship from the vehicle bay, launch it and have it land on the pad, leaving the bay clear for continued building.
  5. Had a thought on a couple of ideas for terrain manipulation and can think of 2 tools that would be useful. 1. Smooth - Just as it sounds, soften the angles between the terrain surfaces to allow for more even manipulation 2. Level - Flatten is great in some cases, but a tool to get the current 'height' value from center of the planet and then bring the surrounding terrain to that height would be a huge help in base layout and other terrain modification