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  1. Aevirok

    Inhibitor mod is it really needed

    I don't mind using up one slot for the mod, just wish it allowed an "inhibited mode" which could be quickly activated/deactivated rather than having to attach/remove the mod. This would definitely be neat, but having it calibrated well would be key. Otherwise it becomes tedious to get the trigger pull "just right", and the frustration of digging a hole when not intended would sort of defeat the purpose of the mod.
  2. Aevirok

    a sort of non-combat combat system

    If a codex is ever implemented, it could contain a clues on how to alternatively deal with threats for greater reward once the threat has be recorded in the codex the first time.
  3. Aevirok

    a sort of non-combat combat system

    Definitely some cool ideas here that would add some more depth. As and extension to what you've already put forward, it got me thinking that there could also be a "puzzle" aspect to combating some of the hostiles. A simple example might be getting them to attack each other by positioning yourself properly. That sort of thing. You can still have the option of simply digging out the ground as a quicker solution to a given problem, but maybe have a reward for figuring out the "puzzle". Like a live specimen to research, but requiring a canister to contain maybe. Just some thoughts. Nice post!
  4. Aevirok

    We Need A Health Bar!

    (In Yoda voice): Health bars lead to combat. Combat leads to guns... Guns,,, lead to the 'Dark Side'...
  5. Aevirok

    Build Cities

    lol Nope. Too difficult to implement hostile enemies that can move and attack the player, without giving the player a way to attack back. (No guns... well, no combat to speak of at all really, unless you count digging out the soil beneath a dangerous plant as "combat" I suppose. <I do not... lol.) This is fine, however, as it isn't the direction the developers wish this game to go. ^All of this is obviously a sarcastic joke. Please don't lock the thread. lol Nice reference by the way... lol
  6. Aevirok

    It’s FEBRUARY!!

    I will simply continue to rely on patience. I've heard that it's a virtue. System Era owes me nothing more than what has already been provided. I was aware of this when I paid my money, and still agreed to pay it. I have no regrets. If they were to at this moment discontinue supporting this endeavor entirely, I would be disappointed for sure, as I see this game having an incredible amount of potential, but would not feel slighted, cheated, etc. Passion for a game is a great thing obviously, but I don't envy any developer attempting to balance quality control, artistic vision, etc. with pleasing the player base. Deadlines are good to have. Officially announced deadlines, maybe not so much, as others have pointed out that things will tend to be rushed to make an announced deadline. I would prefer them to have internally known deadlines, but not officially announced, due to the natural impatience that comes with human nature. At this point really, I just view any additional content and updates as pleasant surprises. Keeping my desires high, but expectations low. This is how I avoid disappointment and frustration in most situations.
  7. Aevirok

    How about Terraforming as a long-term goal?

    Require multiple Terraforming Stations to be built in a couple different locations on a planet. And have them require constant streaming power, (More than a research station) This would help make it so that someone could not realistically have a planet terraformed within the early game, and it would double as an objective based reason to build multiple bases beyond simply "wanting" to explore more. (Something of which a few people have complained is currently lacking in the game) The required locations could be marked on a planet when you orbit it in a shuttle, however one problem with I could see with this approach is that while it would incentivize building multiple bases, it would be restrictive as to "where" you build them. I suppose you could simply have two or three be required, and the only requisite is that they are built within any of the circular landing zones you see when orbiting the planet. I also have mentioned in a previous post that it would be kinda neat just as an aesthetic, if the terrain began to change in a small diameter around the stations built. You wouldn't want the entire planet to terraform in real time I think, because it would be a little boring to have all of the planets essentially be identical after numerous hours of gameplay, but the implication could be that they "eventually" will, even if you'll never see the end result however long you play. Or I suppose along the vein or your idea of having the atmospheres be unique, the terraformed terrain could be unique as well. This concept could be incorporated into a story as well. Maybe it is the whole reason for it all, to terraform planets for sustained larger populations to live "in the future" due to your in-game efforts.
  8. Aevirok

    Some thoughts on automation

    Lol, you must have been digging through the forum a little to find this one. Nice. I like your ideas as well, particularly your idea of them simply draining the canisters rather than having to move empty canisters back with another set of drones. They could have a "built in" canister for this purpose I suppose.. I was just thinking about automation and how some of the more tedious aspects of later game resource management could be streamlined a little bit. Another possible use: In addition to "COLLECT" "RESOURCE" from "LOCATION", maybe there could be a "DELIVER" "RESOUCE" to "LOCATION" as well. Then you could put a hub on one of the widget slots on a players backpack and have two drone buddies that follow you around delivering resources and or research pods to a nearby vehicle or base module when you collect them. (Or maybe I'm just lonely, I need friends.... lol) Side note: If something like this was ever implemented, maybe have some customization options for the drones. They could have different appearances like a robotic dog, bird, etc. This wouldn't be necessary obviously, and maybe it wouldn't "fit in" with the atmosphere the developers have in mind for the game, but it wouldn't change their function. Just give the concept some "personality" is all. I think that carrying a research pod should maybe require both drones rather than only one, as these items are larger, and maybe have them travel a bit slower when doing this as well. That way the player would still end up having to do some of the actual "work" themselves while their drones are busy. Or just build an army of them I suppose. lol
  9. Aevirok

    PS4 Release?

    I play on Xbox One. I'm trying to wrap my head around the thought process behind this, and the only "slightly" logical concern I could see one having with the game also being on PS4 is the "possible" drop in player base for multiplayer on Xbox One. I say "possible" because it seems unlikely to have any significant effect as this would only pertain to individuals who have both consoles and would rather play on PS4. Regardless of feelings, it isn't an exclusive. The fact that it's already on more than one platform illustrates this fact. I'm not trying to offend, but a stance like this seems based solely in a disdain for a company, console, players, or maybe all three (Sony/PS4) Maybe there are justified reasons you personally have for this, but on the surface, it comes across rather catty. I'm not trying to fight or insult. I'm just trying to genuinely understand the reasoning I guess.
  10. I noticed this issue on Xbox One as well, and couldn't figure out why it will automatically fill multiple canisters sometimes, and other times I have to manually remove them. I have had some luck though. Might try this as it seems to work on Xbox One, may work on steam as well: If you have multiple canisters you need to fill and don't want to have to manually start each one, let if fill the first canister only partially, then remove it and replace it with an empty and put the partially filled canister back onto your medium storage. For whatever reason, this seems to make the process completely automated until all empty canisters, including the partially filled canister you removed, are completely full. It's what I've been doing anyhow. It's obviously not a solution to the problem, but it may be a work around. Hope it helps.
  11. Aevirok

    Energy supply for Rover via tether.

    I usually place two small wind turbines on each rover in my train. (total of 8 fairly spread out) Usually at least two spin quite often. Wind either randomly generates in an particular sized area, and statically exists for a short time in that location, or pockets of it "flow" in some sort of pattern, either random or predetermined, around Terran (caves not excluded). I haven't quite figured it out yet, but it's all about the turbines being in the right place at the right time. Spread them out as much as possible and at least a few will spin the majority of the time. You just won't have them all spin all the time. But, yeah, I usually have a medium battery or two, 8 small turbines, and a generator with 2 organic just in case. (I hardly ever use them though...) It limits my storage space a bit, but I guess it doesn't bother me personally.
  12. Aevirok

    Can we can the canisters?

    And except for the fact that after digging a hole the size of a house, I only have 4 measly canisters of soil.... lol Maybe the terrain tool also "compresses" the soil, or only keeps a percentage of the soil in which it detects minerals? It's a necessary evil though, because if the amount of soil gathered was a more "realistic" representation of the soil removed, I'd complain about having to have nothing but canisters in every inventory slot on both my character and rovers just to hold it all. That, and you already have a decent amount of discussion on whether the mineral extractor is overpowered. I personally don't think it is, but if the amount of soil collected in canisters was an accurate representation of what was removed, I may have to change my mind. I agree though that canisters should stay. I like them. But that's my opinion.
  13. Aevirok

    Energy supply for Rover via tether.

    In regard to having rovers travel along tethers like a trolly, not a bad idea. But, only useful in multiplayer games, or after other automation mechanics are implemented. In a single player game, the ability to send resources back to base, without someone, or "something" (automation) on location to smelt, store, trade, etc. it doesn't do much good really. I still won't be able to use the resources until I personally get back to base anyhow. But yeah, it could be kinda handy in multiplayer situations I guess.
  14. Aevirok

    Energy supply for Rover via tether.

    Well, whether they're intended to or not by the devs, wind turbines actually do work in caves. Give it a try and see for yourself. If you don't like using this mechanism because it doesn't make logical sense to you, then the other option, with some amount of tedious work involved of course, is to have a small generator and a few organic handy whenever exploring caves. 2 to 3 organic and a small generator would be plenty for most people's excursions I would think, but if not, simply take some more organic. A lot of people don't like collecting organic because it roughens the terrain, but once you have an inhibitor mod, you quickly and neatly have just about as much organic as you could ever want. In regard to having tethers power rovers, I'm not against it, I just wouldn't really benefit from it personally cause I'm not gonna get out and tether everywhere I explore. I view rovers as basically the replacement for having to tether over a long distances when exploring. I still keep a few tethers handy so I can explore on foot around a parked rover, but I usually gather them all up when done and continue on my way in the rover. I suppose everyone has a slightly different play style though. Don't care if this ends up being a thing either way I guess.
  15. Aevirok

    Recycling various items

    Ya know, I owe you an apology, Joseph. I probably should have created my own thread. You had an idea. It wasn't a bad idea at all. It's one I totally agree with in concept. I come in and am like, "I think it would be better to do it like this, blah, blah, blah. Totally hijacking your thread. I didn't mean for it to seem like that. It was just about discussing the concept, but reading it back, it seems I was kinda rude, even if unintentionally. My apologies.