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  1. Chris Henderson

    i question the validity of the portable oxygenator

    hmmm... i will check this out. thanx!
  2. Chris Henderson

    i question the validity of the portable oxygenator

    yeah, i gave it another shot and went spelunking with it on a bumper slot (xbox bumpers hot keyed to the top shoulder slots). i have to say, i had the wrong idea of how this was supposed to work from the start. further, my idea of making it 'free oxygen' would have negated even the non-portable oxygenator, so not a good idea. i used it for a while and thought that it wasn't giving me consistent power drain, like it was a bug or something. sometimes i would have ridicules power drain from both my battery and my main power at the same time, but other times it would only gently drain power from the battery. i had a small wind turbine on my other shoulder and if that thing is just barely moving, it keeps the power drain to just the small battery. i also was thinking that i wouldn't use it until i was suffocating, but i found that i could tap the bumper when i got about half way and let it fill me back up, then bump it back off without having to really fuss with it. so all that to say, yeah i agree, that it can be a viable backpack o2 source. like i said, i had a small wind turbine and a small battery; i was able to run around down there forever. i haven't tried it on a low wind planet though.
  3. i don't know the end game here, but as it stands ( xbox) i don't really see why i would ever use a portable oxygenator. maybe i'm missing something, but i had to survive off of tethers for several planets to even be able to make the thing, and all it does is insta-drain my battery for air. its just another slot gone in the event that i get too far from oxygen, but i've survived 3+ planets without it; i am in the habit of making sure i can get back to oxygen. i really don't see why it doesn't just give me free air with no trade off. like its the upgrade to the small oxygen tank; just a, "finally, i can replace my small oxygen tank and i don't have to ever worry about suffocating." at this point in the game and with all the effort i put into it, it would have been really rewarding. you'd still use tethers for power and bread crumb trails, but it would make you feel like you've accomplished something when you were scouting out a new landing sight on foot. idk, like is said, i don't know what you guys still have planned; maybe there is some foot race across the planet that you want to implement or something. i think making the portable oxygenator give me free air would add a rewarding element to the game without really taking anything away. i love so many of the changes from the alpha!! different soil density, the added info of the dig tool reticle, the new shuttles, the new terrains, the new plants, the tractor/trailer!!! totally worth the $$!!! i highly recommend it! i'm not a fan of the multiplayer. i want to be able to play with friends, but as host, with my wife on an xbox right next to me, i get unbearable slomo lag and she is still running around at full speed. not to mention disappearing resources. multiplayer is why i bought this over subnautica, but as it stands, this is pretty much a solo game for me until you can work out some of the net code. still my favorite game on xbox right now!!!! great job!! keep it up!!! i am not averse to micro transactions (done right). if you start running servers, you'll start dividing your income and i'd hate to see that negatively impact all of the hard work and effort you guys have already put into this game. if unit sales are your only source of income, it will effect how you manage your development time. you'll have to chose to push for dlc or porting to another platform just to pay for servers and you'll start to hate your job. people act like micro transactions ruin games, but it's only when companies try to take advantage of players. micro-transactions and even ads done right are a healthy way to keep you afloat to allow you to focus on doing what you love. i always wanted to make a game like this, where you start off with nothing on a planet and build up until you get a rocket and go into space. in my head, there was a thriving npc population on the planet, actual space travel with a privateer/freelancer end game... so not quite what you're doing here. but i wanted to have sponsored in game content. like coca cola machines that gave you added xp or something, or after shave billboards (stylized to match the game, like make it look like a remnant of the past). i think doritos, at the time, would have loved to sponsor a side quest in any game. i know it's not what you've got going here, but it is an example of a way in which you can get corporate sponsorship, that doesn't ruin the experience for the player. idk, i feel like you are still enjoying what you do, and i don't want that to go away because you're forced to develop to pay the bills. maybe you could offer server subscriptions or something. i'll probably get flamed for that all of this, but it's just the truth. lots of games have player funded servers, it would be very convenient for me, as an xbox user to be able to sign up for a dedicated server from your start page. just something to think about.