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  1. FireStorm649

    rover retrieval

    I was playing astroneer a few days ago with my friend and I had to go afk. I was afk for about 15-20 minutes but when I came back, HE LOST ALL THREE ROVERS! I was pretty annoyed at him because it took me awhile to find laterite. there should be a way to have a built in beacon on rovers or like a call back or something.
  2. FireStorm649


    Lol I forgot to mention this in my original post but thermal modules could also be applied to machines to keep them from exceeding a certain point
  3. FireStorm649


    I feel like temperature should be there because of the different environments on the different planets should make you react within their biomes. As you mentioned, atmospheric pressure would be cool like having a really big planet that could crush your character giving you an instant game over, we should be able to survive using robots, staying inside our spaceships or using rovers. I won't like to have food and water in astroneer as it is a basic need that I don't really want to take care of. I don't want to gather water and farm food, maybe for faunas if they get added into the game as a way of taming them but, that's a no for food and water. Radiation is simple and easy and should be added to the game by the middle of the year hopefully.
  4. FireStorm649

    Mod library. (If mod support is coming)

    If you are correct I would want pewdiepies chair as a vehicle tbh
  5. FireStorm649


    So I think that temperature and thermals should be added to Astroneer because I want the game to be more realistic about temperature. If you on a hot planet you will need to construct a cooling module for yourself and your machines unless you want them to overheat. When your astroneer gets hot he will move slower and will complete tasks like mining and driving more difficult and slow. Doing this will also increase your temperature. On a Cold planet you will need warmth modules otherwise you're character will freeze to death. Walking around and doing activities will only keep you alive for so long. Thermal modules you apply on your character and it uses electricity to warm you up or cool you down. An end game item which uses astronium is a hot and cold module that doesn't need electricity to use which would be pretty nice. Also in space if you stay in orbit for too long your ships fuel should start to freeze up making you burn more of the fuel when you try to land. When you are closer to the sun this won't matter.
  6. FireStorm649

    The addition of aircraft into the game

    Aircraft and such has been suggested many times before as said by vvhorus but I can see where you are coming from
  7. FireStorm649

    Energy Shield Generator

    I can see this really useful on arid +1
  8. FireStorm649

    Gamma Ray Bursts!!

    Its not necessarily a weapon but more of a tool, think of it as a garden trowel. I don't really know who you were talking to, but if it was me then, here's your answer.
  9. FireStorm649

    Survival/Construction Suggestions

    I agree. I enjoy getting lost in caves as I can easily find titanium seams or something along those lines
  10. FireStorm649

    My ideas for Hostile Flora

    Meh. I would like to see A.I flora in the game soon though
  11. FireStorm649

    Gamma Ray Bursts!!

    Or maybe a gamma ray weapon to paralyse or kill, harmful flora from a distance and through walls
  12. FireStorm649

    Hydrazine Power

    I like the hydrazine power plant as It is not always windy and the sun sets really quickly and I hate gathering organic so often. But... Hydrazine is a rocket fuel and Is really powerful so I dont know how it would put up against a rover. Just my opinion though
  13. FireStorm649

    My ideas for Hostile Flora

    My first idea for a flora is an A.I flora that disguises itself as a tree, and when you get a certain distance (say 10 metres) then it pops out the ground takes form of a tree leafy gorilla thing and starts chasing you until you reach 15 metres away from it, then it turns back into a tree. they should be able to catch up to you you need to dig hole to slow it down. It will two shot you and make sure you wont get your items back by guarding it. The weakness: old age. This thing should die of old age after about a day, but appear regularly on the surface of exotic, arid and terran. they should get blown around during storms and root down somewhere else. upon death it drops 3 pieces of organic or a piece of coal. (I've posted this in someone else's topic and I just wanted to make this as a stand alone thing. So don't call me out pls) my second idea is to have a flora that grows arid balls on its two limbs, lobbing both of them every 1.3 seconds to a range of 10 metres. They become aggro at 8 metres and their throws can shave off a little bit of dirt each throw throwing at a speed of 10 metres per second. They spawn on arid (on mass presumably this is how arid got the spiny balls) and exotic, underground and on the surface. these act the same as arid's spiny balls as they can be harvested for organics, so you shouldn't dig the plants up straight away. The balls will exist until you destroy them, unless you want a bunch of hazards lying around. The plant will drop an arid spiny ball which you can pickup and throw (best for multiplayer ) and some organics.
  14. FireStorm649

    It would be cool, if it had a weather.

    But we have dust storms though. and how would rain/hail benefit or kill us? not trying to be negative but, this idea is pretty random. I can see were you were going with it but I know if it will impact the game.