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  1. i was building a nice looking spaceship, and then i realized that i could not place the thruster on the backside of the ship. i was pretty upset and would like that to be possible. maybe for decorations, maybe to (if the thruster is fully fueled) make you have access to more planets at the same time. (make the ring bigger) and also, i would like to have a custom inside of the spaceship editor, if it looks like mine (i made a spaceship with a 3-seat on it, and a big storage with four medium storages on top.) it could have some new reseachables, and you could go there for like 20 sec. if you fly to the furthest planet. (assuming the thruster is in action) and if you do not like tat idea, you could make a bigger spaceship with a new module that does have that in it. you can just put one in the game, don't think you have to put everything in, just one is fine too. thanks for reading this far, i'm gonna go now. bye! PS: replying is welcome!