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  1. hotelsinus


    chek the backpack and the right bottom corner. i think there is a slot for jetpack! just wait for the update where available +1
  2. hotelsinus

    Demolition downed trees

    yes! i hate trees what i dig. these trees are rolling forever and cause fps problems. please remove dead trees! +1
  3. hotelsinus

    Alien Life

    right now this game is a zen exploring game. you can dead by alien plants where attack you with gas and spikes. i travel to another moon and spike plants kill my... thats enough trouble i think we dont need alien lifeforms especially attacking alien lifeorms. also if there is alien animals whats then? it is useless if you dont want to eat them. but i dont want im just an astroneer
  4. hotelsinus

    Smooth Terrain Functionality

    there is only flatten tool no smoothing +1 for smooth tool!
  5. hotelsinus

    [Merged] FPS Drop Reports

    same problems on pc dude.... nothing new
  6. hotelsinus

    Tethers make game lag

    how the devteam wont test this serious bug???? i dont understand..
  7. hotelsinus

    How to change your in-game language.

    ? and on xbox ? btw we can create hungarian language to you if you need it. just create options to the game and lang settings... cheers
  8. hotelsinus

    [Merged] FPS Drop Reports

    yes, vehicles cause 0.1 fps on xbox one. i move away my sapcecar in 0.1fps its funny and not. so when you move away. the fps comes back to 10-18fps....maximum please fix this CRITICAL gamebreaking issue before everything...
  9. yes we have the same bug!