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  1. Description: In multiplayer, when a client tries to send a rocket with EXO payload (for salvage initiative) all items of payload drop on the floor, no points are credited but 500 octets are taken from inventory. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 x64 CPU: i7-4790k GPU: Geforce 1080 RAM: 16GB Drive: SSD
  2. Forgot to fill the form on submit. Summary: Mapped emotes to ' (4) key of keyboard creates a lensflare bug. Description: See above. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K (4.0 GHz) GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 ROG STRIX-GTX1080-A8G-GAMING RAM: Kingston HyperX Beast 16 Go (2 x 8 Go) DDR3 2133 MHz CL11 Drive: Samsung SSD 860 PRO 512 Go
  3. Hello, I was playing in multiplayer and I discovered the emotes. As they are bound to 1 2 3 4 by default (QWERTY keyboard) and I have an AZERTY keyboard, I remapped the emotes to & é " ' (the last is showed as "apostrophe" in settings). Spaming the ' (4) key results in emote not working but a lens flare growing up on the screen. At some point it ends to this... Forced to restart the game (hopefully this kind of state isn't saved). Remapping the last emote to ( (5) key "fixes" the bug, and the linked emote can be used. This bug can be reproduced. Playing on version
  4. To complete your report I want to add something that is occuring everytime (made a lot of experiments to confirm that, and lost a lot of items) : when you drop an item on the ground, if the item collides with the floor, his collision is kind of disabled and the item is sucked up by the floor (gravity applied to the item without collisions). When the item isn't colliding anymore (for example when entering a cave underground), his collision is re-enabled so it can fall on the flood under it. I first encountered the bug by loosing my hard crafted Winch, then by loosing some Artifacts while unloading my exploration train after a long roadtrip.
  5. Another fun issue I just encountered : I mounted a large rover and it started to glide with the wheels staying at the original location After that, I unmounted the rover and it bumped to the sky (the player body collided with the front wheel so it generated some kind of weird reaction physics). Hopefully the rover train worked an anchor and the rover didn't took off to the space. Same weird behaviour happened when mounting/dismounting the seat on the medium rover at the end of the train. Steam - i7-4790k - GTX 1080 - 16GB RAM
  6. Hello, I had a similar issue on other games. It's related to a difference of FPS displayed on both screens : the fullsize game is trying to display a framerate managed by your game, the other is managed by windows and is capped to 30 FPS (or more if you are using another app displaying in a higher framerate). From there you can be facing 2 behaviours: * FPS lowered on you game because GPU is trying to display 2 things with different framerates OR * tearing on your second screen because game if forcing GPU to display everything at more than 30 FPS The 2nd one is happening for example when you are playing Hearthstone on one of your displays and watching a stream on the 2nd one. On Astroneer the 2nd behaviour is occuring. The only workaround found is to play with only 1 display connected and activated. PS : a 3rd behaviour can occur if you are have a setup with CrossfireX or SLI : you game may flicker or have tearing even if you enable V-Sync in the game.
  7. Steam - : tried to print a large storage on a medium rover with already used slots (by a 1p seat). The large storage has been print on the ground. Then I printed another medium rover with large storage, and I got the first storage stuck in my rover+storage bundle. Bundle is doing a weird sound and is moving bad due to the stucked unwanted large storage. Linked a screen of the result. Idea to fix this : make possible to mount / unmount the large storage (can also be done for all rover modules -like the crane-) and make a tool to be attached to the crane to do this kind of work (like pliers or something like that).