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  1. Same problem and exactly the same error as @footballman
  2. Rucky

    Stuck Rover Trains

    I've had a further play around with this, unfortunately nothing I've tried will reliably reset a non-responsive vehicle (Tractor train in my case) The only guaranteed reset is to quit out and reload the save - that ALWAYS works. What I have noticed though, is it is location specific. All planets I've tried have these sort of 'dead zones', and they also have safe zones where you never have problems. As @Samurai Jack says, the fault occurs in 1.0.3 and 1.0.4
  3. Rucky

    Stuck Rover Trains

    I found this happened to me a lot too. I also tried digging around and found that didn't work reliably. However, I seem to have more success by disconnecting and reconnecting the power cable. I'll keep checking to see if there is a pattern to this.
  4. Yep I've found the same thing ,but only with the plant pictured (at this stage)
  5. Rucky

    Vehicle Beacon Not Working

    Yep, this is by design, the beacon was removed on Patch 0.8(?) I have found this a little annoying, not sure if it was a good move.
  6. Can confirm. New games seem okay, but the land tearing is back on the old saves, all over the place, not just in the caves.
  7. Rucky

    New Update Broke Flattening

    Can confirm the same experience, and it's a bit annoying. The gap is not nice, and not having a true level area at the base wastes time for those of us who like a 'level playing field' This is hit and miss though, after starting a few new games, some bases are okay for the level, some not. They ALL have the gap ?
  8. Rucky

    Land Around Base Not Connecting

    Confirmed - on all new bases so far, previous saves seem ok
  9. Rucky

    no sound when digging sometimes

    I'll also stick my hand up for this one, still getting the digging sound drop outs occasionally
  10. Rucky

    Saves Keep Switching

    I have also noticed similar behaviour on the PC version too (since last patch)
  11. Rucky

    My save is gone

    I lost my most recent save too, older ones were fine, new game saved fine, just the one I played when the latest patch came out has disappeared, shame
  12. Rucky

    Patch 201 Zebra Ball Zoning(pc)

    Yes I found similar, when I dropped a power pack near the Zebra ball, I could no longer pick it up - it would only select the ball. So I moved the ball quite some distance away, but I still couldn't pick up my power pack (Restarting the game solved that problem) Also when I had a Zebra ball aboard my truck, I couldn't select the umbilical to plug it into the base - I could only select the zebra ball. So I removed the ball from the area, then I was able to select other items again. Also - now I have 2 x Zebra Balls... I might be wrong, but I thought that these were unique items?? I've noticed that the balls seem to repel each other and you can have a battle trying to place them near each other!?
  13. Rucky

    Rovers undriveable

    Yep, same, though I have managed to get around slowly on the terran planet, going to a low gravity planet is totally undrivable, 80% of the time you are in the air and out of control. FYI: This is on the latest 201 release
  14. It seems not only on experimental build - it just happened once to me on the last update as well 0.3.10200.0
  15. Rucky

    Vehicle connection is buggy

    Same experience here with the latest update