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  1. It's the same for me. I have a non-native resolution so my game doesn't actually fit into the screen and the windowed modes spreads too far below the task bar and I hate hiding my task bar. Please bump this as a priority.
  2. Sorry, Mica, but I'm going to have to disagree with your game of semantics here. The OP wanted "color and accessories" and asked for a "female" avatar. When you take something neutral and make it gender-specific, you are then sexualizing that object, item, suit, etc. In fact, by definition, making the avatars one sex or the other is "sexualizing" the avatar. Don't believe me, then use a dictionary and you'll see that the term sexualize is pretty broad in terms of how it can be applied as a verb. What Adam did, and I think he did it brilliantly, is quash the notion of any sexualized
  3. Missed this one, so here goes: I NEVER said my post was "bait." This post was to prove a point. That's not bait. This post was AS valid as the 'female astroneer' post, yet did the people wanting a female avatar come over here saying they're all for a male one? No, of course they didn't, because they were pushing their agenda the whole time. Immersion, my foot. And at least you and I agree that the gender neutrality of the suits is the best solution for this kind of game. The whole conversation in and of itself is ludicrous - it was then and is now -- I never said it wasn't. B
  4. Because of your reaction and nothing more. You are throwing a hissy-fit and perpetuating the very thing you claim you want stopped. You are actively attempting to silence those that trigger you. This speaks directly to an agenda. Whose or which? I don't know and don't care, but when I disagree with someone or have an opinion, I don't go running to moderators to save me from the horror of choosing to read something that I "don't want to." Be an adult and make a decision - read it or not. If you don't like it, then pass it on by. If you're unwilling to express an opinion, then you should ju
  5. So let me break down this post real quick: 1) You have a valid point, Punnilingus. 2) You can't win this argument on the internet. 3) This causes heated arguments, Punnilingus. 4) You're being childish and petty, Punnilingus. 5) I called for your post to be locked because blah blah blah 6) You're beating a dead horse, Punnilings. So, did you ever once, during the whole time you were writing this emotionally-driven rant, ever stop and reflect upon yourself? Even a little bit? No? Nothing? Because I kept hearing, paragraph after paragraph, about how I'm beati
  6. I'm glad someone understood this post. Thank you.
  7. It's only meant to be as serious as the thought of creating female space suits. If there are no female space suits, then there should be no male suits. If they add a female suit, then they should also rework the unisex into a male suit. To those of you requesting that a moderator come and "do something." -- why? Because this entire post proves an extremely valid point as to why the other suggestion was just flat-out wrong and unnecessary? I'm sorry, but if you come in here begging that any notion of a male character get squished, deleted, locked, or otherwise, then you'd better be
  8. I agree with the dev here and has been my point this whole time. I'd say his post pretty much squished this post. And someone else was told not to suffocate a suggestion? Dev just killed it.
  9. Or here's a thought. . . . just leave them unisex and allow color customization and perhaps different suit textures. No triggers, no femis, no masculis, just . . . . play the frackin' game. My goodness. Look what I have done. o.0
  10. If that's the case, then please go +1 my request for male Astroneers. If it's harmless, then let's +1 both genders, yeah? Maybe in the future we can mix and match body parts too - this will make it even more realistic! Want to be Caitlyn Jenner? Your wish is SystemEra's command! Granted. . . *initiating body-part sequence . . . compound is required . . . more resin is required . . . body morphing is complete ...*
  11. Oh no. If they get a female character, then I definitely want a male character.
  12. Currently, we only have these spacesuits that look feminine to me. Please design a male avatar in the game so that I can have more fun and be immersed as a male. And please add masculine emote like an Elvis hip-thrust or Pectoral-flexes, etc. Something masculine. It doesn't have to be over-the-top, though.
  13. When logic is flawed, it is flawed. This has nothing to do with the validity of your opinion. It's a shell, meaning that it's whatever YOU want it to be. Want to be a female in the game? Great! Do it, but it's unnecessary to create a female character just because. There's literally no point in doing so. It adds '0' to the game as it stands because there are already females in the game - you just can't see them through the bulk of their suit. The person being close-minded is the one that is trying to force gender into a genderless game. But here, for the sake of fairness, I'm going to cre
  14. But it does affect the community surrounding the game. I join EA games to take part in the development process. If we travel down the road we're on in this thread - where moderators get triggered and start deleting comments (which they have done) and/or start chastising players for disagreeing with the social justice people (which one has also done) - then it will ruin the community. And to you: how in the world does it increase your player experience by having female characters instead of "spacesuits"? Your logic is clearly flawed given that there is no gender in the suit - it's an empt