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  1. There are a few signs that would suggest there's someone in my game, like the fact that I can feel the game slowing down for a moment and showing a sign saying: "saving game" (or something like that), which happens when one boards on a vehicle or goes inside the habitat. Also at a random time it showed: "Researching Large Shredder", I guess he was making a Large Shredder (?) But I was not in Silva and I couldn't just stop what I was doing and go check. Is there a way I can confirm that someone had joined? And who that is maybe? Thanks guys DPC
  2. I hate to differ, but... Astroneers installed via Steam cannot play with those installed via Windows 10/MS Store. This has been the case for either always, or quite some time at least. In fact, I just tried moments ago to confirm it. Furthermore that's precisely the reason why my "third purchase" of Astroneer was via Steam, so that I could play with my friend that had a copy from Steam (because the Multiplayer mode was/is way more reliable that way). Nevertheless, I kept the copies I've got from the MS Store. And now that my both PCs are capable of running the game I thought I would try them. So I thought since both are from the MS Store that means that we can connect via the Xbox program (as I used to do with my friend). But like I said, we can't.
  3. I thought that Multiplayer tab was to be used only with the System Era servers...
  4. Right, I did try that. But her name shows as "Not joinable" (something like that).
  5. Ok, it sounds promising. So, how do you do it?
  6. I remember have done this before with a friend (in different location). And once we were both ready, we were able to see that one could join the other's game by going to the profile page of the friend. There was a circle saying that he could be joint. However now with my daughter's computer I although I can see her in my friends list, and we joint the same party, I still cannot see any indication of joining a game.
  7. Each of these copies are separate purchases. I am starting to suspect this is not possible, at least when bought from the Windows 10 Store. I can see the other account via the Xbox program, but I don't see usual "Join game" option for either of us Has anyone done this? Thanks
  8. Thanks for confirming that Buddha (Aus)
  9. You know, that purple interface you get when pressing F on the Odd Stone. Thanks guys
  10. LOL - I was hoping you had discovered a new way to automate that process 😁 Thanks for sharing though
  11. That was awesome Carto! What do you mean by "farming dynamite"? Is there and actual way of automating the process of making them? Like farming the Research plants?
  12. Silly me! Of course! Soon after I posted it, it dawned on me. Thank you all for confirming it! DPC
  13. Unless I'm going blind, but I did not find them in the Resources chart. I only found one: Quartz. Could I have a hint on this? Thanks
  14. drpeppercan

    How do I get the linux version?

    Cool! Best of luck! And let us know if you have any more questions
  15. drpeppercan

    Spoiler (?) - Having a hard time locating Gateway #6

    Btw, I believe I heard from someone's video that finding one Gateway is enough to unlock the Core and move on. I just thought it would be more fun to make it an adventure to find them all anyway