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  1. My problem is that sometimes, especially when playing multiplayer, my white donut cursor will stay no matter what I am hovering it over to. And when I try to pick up things, even those things in my backpack, it won't. It only closes my backpack if I click. Same thing with the Research Catalog. The only one thing I can pick up is those Tethers already on the ground. With Shift-click. Unfortunately someone else has to make the tethers for me first. I have had this bug for a very long time now. I had stopped playing for over 3 months, I was hoping that it had been fixed already, but it's not the case
  2. drpeppercan

    Calling Low Specs PC Users

    This is great help guys! Thank you all for your valuable input This does help me see more clearly what to expect (for now) what it could be like to run this game with an older pc (not very positive really). DPC
  3. drpeppercan

    Calling Low Specs PC Users

    Good point, Blind lo! Especially if it's just next update! It'll be worth the waiting. Joshua, I suppose you got this laptop less than 2 years ago, right? It must be a contemporary CPU. Mine is not. My CPU was released back in 2008! So the fact that your laptop runs the game nice enough, it does not mean at all that mine will 😞 Even if I get a decent graphics card. Fortunately I also have a 2nd more recent pc, an Acer Desktop Predator G3 710, i5-6400. That's where I'm playing Astroneer. I was hoping to breath some new life on that old pc to multiplay with both. But given the present circumstances, I may have to consider getting an Xbox console instead of a new pc.
  4. drpeppercan

    Calling Low Specs PC Users

    This helps very much! Is your CPU i5-2410M ?
  5. drpeppercan

    Will my old pc run this game? (see specs)

    So you are saying that theoretically it should be able to run it. On the other hand, you don't know how well. As much as I care for eye candy, I am giving it a much higher priority to the actual game-play performance. It would be good enough to know it can do well enough not to have any stuttering, especially while rotating. Also I am hoping it could join multiplayer (not host though).
  6. drpeppercan

    Calling Low Specs PC Users

    Could you share a couple of screenshots and explain how your game-play experience is, if your specs are similar or lesser than these: CPU AMD Phenom II X3 710, 2.6 Ghz (triple core). 8 Gb RAM GeForce GT 730 Mostly I want to know if a pc with this specs could run the game fluidly enough, without stutter. Thanks guys
  7. drpeppercan

    Why would the Vehicle Bay not print my rover?

    Good one! As obvious as that was, I failed to see it.
  8. drpeppercan

    Will my old pc run this game? (see specs)

    It seems to me a card like this one would do the trick: GeForce 730
  9. drpeppercan

    Will my old pc run this game? (see specs)

    I was finding that I could get a graphics card like the GeForce GT 630 4GB DDR3, 96 processor cores, 128-bi memory bus, Engine clock: 810 MHz, Shader clock: 1620 MHz, Memory clock: 1066 MHz. Reason why I am going with a small factor graphics card is because my motherboard is a micro ATX 😞
  10. CPU AMD Phenom II X3 710, 2.6 Ghz (triple core). 8 Gb RAM NVIDIA GF119 [GeForce GT 520] / I know this card won't cut it, reason why I am looking into getting one with minimum 2 Gb of VRAM. However, other than the vram, is there any speed minimum I should be looking for? Thanks guys
  11. Damn! You're so right! Oh well! Thanks for the insight
  12. drpeppercan

    Sound goes off too often

    Got ya! Thank you LG
  13. drpeppercan

    Small Generator will disappear...

    I see. Thanks
  14. drpeppercan

    Things become unselectable

    Today's the worst it's ever been! I just logged of Windows, and came back in, and things are still not selectable!!!! I suppose I'll have to stop playing for a month. Hopefully things will be working then. If this is an issue with Windows 10, I would not mind at all running Astroneer in Linux. Too bad there's no such an alternative.
  15. Apparently it is, because I just totally logged off Windows, came back and I still cannot move the Habitat off! I guess I'll have to scrap this Shuttle and print another one 🙄