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  1. Damn! You're so right! Oh well! Thanks for the insight
  2. drpeppercan

    Sound goes off too often

    Got ya! Thank you LG
  3. drpeppercan

    Small Generator will disappear...

    I see. Thanks
  4. drpeppercan

    Things become unselectable

    Today's the worst it's ever been! I just logged of Windows, and came back in, and things are still not selectable!!!! I suppose I'll have to stop playing for a month. Hopefully things will be working then. If this is an issue with Windows 10, I would not mind at all running Astroneer in Linux. Too bad there's no such an alternative.
  5. Apparently it is, because I just totally logged off Windows, came back and I still cannot move the Habitat off! I guess I'll have to scrap this Shuttle and print another one 🙄
  6. I printed a Habitat in error thinking it was the Enclosed 1-seat. I placed it on the Large Shuttle anyway. I am able to get in, and the Launch button comes on. But I can't press it. What's worse is I can't select and remove the Habitat either. Is this "normal at the moment"?
  7. drpeppercan

    Screenshots Megathread

    This one someone here already posted it, except it was more like thumbnail-small. I came across it today while looking for Astroneer wallpapers. So I figured I would upload this larger version. Too bad it's not larger though.
  8. drpeppercan

    Things become unselectable

    Yes, that's the version I have.
  9. drpeppercan

    Things become unselectable

    Got my copy from Windows 10 Store. Keyboard and Mouse. Eventually during gameplay I'll no longer be able to select things. This seems be exacerbated by switching to the Windows desktop, or to my web browser, or anywhere else really. Then when I'm back it'll happen. At that point I have no choice but to close that game and go to the previous stage where you choose a capsule from the space station. If that didn't do it, then I have to log off of Windows and try again. Then things work for sure, for some time.
  10. ...If placed on the front of a Large rover, then plug a power cable to the front of the same Large Rover. Even if the power cable is unplugged later, the small generator won't come back. Got my copy from Win10 Store. Keyboard & mouse.
  11. drpeppercan

    Looking For Players Megathread

    By the way, I just made this permanent Discord server https://discord.gg/bGgS7 I will be available most days now before May 4. And I can be found in the Xbox under DrPepperNPizza. Keep in mind that I use Windows 10 to run Astroneer. If you got your copy from Steam then we won't be able to connect to play.
  12. drpeppercan

    Why would the Vehicle Bay not print my rover?

    Danielbetu - LOL Were you just printing one now?
  13. drpeppercan

    How to do cross platform play

    Never mind! Apparently this is not possible for now. But my friend got it going both using a copy from the Win10 Store.
  14. drpeppercan

    What r Required Specs to Host?

    In case this could help someone... My friend and I were able to play just fine while I hosted the game. Again, my specs are: i5-6400 2.7 Ghz CPU, 16 Ram