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  1. In a previous version, when it was not called the Soil Centrifuge, I recall putting as many cans of soil in the machine as the machine could take to fill up. Then it would make the maximum possible for whatever item I needed. But now it will only take like 2 cans of soil, and give me a max of 4 resins. Wasting the other half of the spaces available. Thanks
  2. Why would anyone go with the closed capsule style seat then?
  3. drpeppercan

    How to get Nitrogen?

    Thanks BL, I'll consider that.
  4. drpeppercan

    How to get Nitrogen?

    Now I know why I couldn't change the gas type! Simply because the machine was busy making one of them! If you stop the machine, THEN you'll see the other choices! Now I won't have to go to Exotic for Nitrogen any more! Too bad I lost some good resources and a small base in Arid in the process. I did not think of marking it with a beacon when I left
  5. drpeppercan

    How to get Nitrogen?

    I have tried those blue buttons with left & right arrows in the menu, to no avail.
  6. According to the Wiki I am to find it in Terran, just like Hydrogen. I have been able to get the latter one already. But the Atmospheric C. doesn't allow me to switch to any other choice, let alone Nitrogen. Then how? Well, it also says it's found in Exotic. Maybe I should go there to get it. Thanks
  7. First off, this is not a post to convert Windows 10 users to Steam. Just to state what ultimately did work for us. Setup: My friend had Astroneer installed with Steam. I had it from the Windows 10 Store. Then he bought it again but from Windows 10 Store so we would both have it from the same source. After days of trying a variety of things, including "killing yourself when hosting", the only outcome we got were errors saying I was off line (when I was not), Failed to connect: The session can't be found, etc, etc Finally, last night, I said "Fxxk it!" I'll just get it from Steam and see what happens. And yes! It finally worked!!!
  8. Well, so much for finding Wolframite, now the game is telling me that my last save is no longer supported Oh, well! A new adventure from scratch!
  9. Oh so so silly of me! Of course! Thank you BL
  10. I just found it in Barren. I want it to build the Chemistry Lab. The problem is you have to refine it first to convert it to Tungsten. But it's a catch 22, because you need the Chemistry Lab to do that! Another way is with the Trade platform. However, you also need Tungsten to build the Trade platform ☹️ Please someone tell me that there another way I don't know! Thanks guys
  11. You were right! I guess that changed recently because in this video (right at this time) the guys seems to be using the Med printer instead. Thanks a bunch BL
  12. Hi all, I have 1 ammonium and 1 aluminium, and the Solid Fuel Thruster was already unlocked. Still, my Medium Printer won't show it to me to choose it. Could this be a bug? I recall a bug like this happened to me like 6 months ago. The solution was to get another Med printer.
  13. My problem is that sometimes, especially when playing multiplayer, my white donut cursor will stay no matter what I am hovering it over to. And when I try to pick up things, even those things in my backpack, it won't. It only closes my backpack if I click. Same thing with the Research Catalog. The only one thing I can pick up is those Tethers already on the ground. With Shift-click. Unfortunately someone else has to make the tethers for me first. I have had this bug for a very long time now. I had stopped playing for over 3 months, I was hoping that it had been fixed already, but it's not the case