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  1. Vega22

    How to Find Base

    Hey, Well I'm Stupid i flew to the wrong planet. guess you can delete this topic. Thanks Vega22
  2. Vega22

    How to Find Base

    Hey Guys and Gals, I have been to multiple planets and early today went to one and stated a 2nd base with habitat. I put down a beacon and went back to first planet to get supplies. I logged out to eat and logged back in and flew to the 2nd planet/base. Problem is I see no beacon on the planet and find no sign of my 2nd base. So my question is how can one find a base since it vanished and the beacon does not show? Thanks in advance Vega22
  3. Vega22


    Hey, After searching using your sites search feature I could not find the request so I am posting here. The game needs to either have an addon to flip vehicles up after the rolled over. Either a vehicle falls in a hole from bad driving or the storms blows it into a hole and even into the ground so need a way to make up right again. Also would like to have a creative mode in game for people like me who love to build. Thanks Vega22
  4. Vega22

    Several Bugs

    Hey guys and Gals, I got a few bugs in game so i thought i would post them here. 1) Storm blows vehicles into ground a lot. It happens to both large and small and i am forced to have to dig them out which is a pain. And most times I simply start a new game as I cant get vehicles flipped up right most times. 2) The Fuel Condenser works to good, In fact when i add fuel it never uses up any of the hydrazine and i can simply just keep clicking after each full cycle. 3) Sometime when adding canister to any object and i miss the connection point the canister will sometimes vanish. It does not happen often and I cant recreate it, it simply is totally random. 4) The vehicles dont always want to move when multiple are connected. I have to get out disconnect and then drive forward and then reconnect. (Not stuck just wont move) 5) The vehicles tires like falling off and then will show up again shortly after moving. (Also totally random) I think that is all of them. Thanks to the devs for all your hard work and for making such a great game. Vega22