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  1. Sounds like a good idea, thanks for the suggestion
  2. With the introduction of the extra large shredder, and it’s inability to shred base platforms(unless packaged), I thought it would be a good idea to add a handheld shredder/ shredding terrain tool augment. This would allow us to shred things like platforms, taking longer but yielding more scrap the larger the item is. Things you can’t pick up such as the exo dynamics research aid bottoms should be shreddable as well. If the non-augment portable shredder is implemented maybe other handheld devices such as an object scanner or a portable welder could be explored.
  3. Hey I’ve had a few ideas for some new things to add to this wondrous game. Im not asking for a total rework of the progression system, but I’ve noticed a lot of complaints that there isn’t anything to do after unlocking and building everything except expanding. While this problem can’t really be resolved totally, more progression should be added. Even though I know more things are going to be added, here are some ideas. Dangerous weather is a must, to make things a little more interesting. I’m thinking snow on Terran and blizzards on tundra, heat storms on arid, and acid rain on
  4. On the steam version I had been building a base on the barren planet. When I leave a rover or large rover alone for a while it starts to float. I played for around thirty minutes after building a rover to test and couldn’t see it. I went into the space view and I could see the beacon and the rover in space above the exotic planet. I have seen similar issues on the forums, so I figured it was a major issue.