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  1. Another good idea that'd be unnecessary but really helpful is some kind of way to determine where the planets are, so you don't have to waste fuel trying to determine where a planet is, and how long it's gonna take for it to come within the reach of your shuttle. Maybe like a console? It'd also be neat if the thrusters had a certain amount of "strength". The solid fuel thrusters/one-use thrusters have less range, and the hydrazine thrusters have more. Perhaps the hydrazine thrusters are better because of the hydrazine, and add some kind of hydrazine bomb, like dynamite, but bigger blast radi
  2. Essentially what I'll be referring to as "call-outs" are the things you do when you point out an object, (such as a canister, minerals, or anything you can pick up and move around with the mouse) and a blip appears over it. This occurs when left clicking on the mouse. I've found call-outs to be kind of annoying, as I don't use them, and I only perform call-outs on accident. In some instances, I've even found it to be a problem, when I'm somewhat too close to an "exploder", (as the Astroneer Gamepedia refers to them,) and I try to grab something on the run, I occasionally will call it
  3. That's exactly what happened to me, I"m just terrible at explaining things.
  4. This'll be the last post on this thread for a bit so it doesn't seem like I'm spamming. Where I first noticed it had shut off is where the marker is located, and then the end point is located at the base/house marker. Sorry for so many photos on this final dump, I tried to take as many as possible and delete the useless ones.
  5. As I was making the second photo, I thought that maybe the right side hadn't been disconnected because of the shuttle? I'll upload a photo of the length of the tether path.
  6. I am using a keyboard and mouse on the Steam version. I was walking to a mountain using the left side of the tether path (the side with the cursor in the first photo), when it suddenly just deactivated/shut off. I thought that it was one or two tethers that had been disconnected, but no, it was a whole lot of them. Unfortunately, I died from suffocation before I could see what the problem was, but when I respawned, I looked at the place where the tethers should have been, and for whatever reason, they were connected to the "habitat" (I forget what it's called in game) but they w