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  1. Isaac P

    common logic

    But are the acids you are talking about real ? Sorry I meant naturally occurring
  2. Isaac P

    common logic

    the only acidic gases can already be avoided and the helmet is completely sealed and there is one connection and that's the oxygen tank which is not effected by gases
  3. Isaac P

    common logic

    wait how would acid become gaseous and why would my helmet be susceptible to acid in a gaseous form in the 25th century?!
  4. i don't think that that's the best idea unless you have a big tv
  5. Isaac P

    Is it possible to cut off big spaceship?

    you could try winch on space ship
  6. Isaac P

    About bytes and the compound

    compound says its common for a reason but it doesnt mean that it will be everywhere plus if you die you wont have any thing to lose
  7. Isaac P

    How to control Thurster?

    yeah i also found it very powerful and i suggest that you dont use it
  8. Isaac P

    car wheels coming off

    so when i go over even a tiny rock the wheels come of and i cant move until i get out of the car and back in again
  9. Isaac P


    a water planet and a boat vehicle would be great
  10. Isaac P

    Planetarium Module (see image)

    second best idea I've seen
  11. Isaac P


    if you are exploring it would be helpful
  12. Isaac P


    i think you should add animals to the game and let them be tameable
  13. Isaac P


    please add regular planes maybe you could add vtol planes or helicopters
  14. Isaac P

    Robots - Player Character

    i agree we should have a robot character
  15. Isaac P

    common logic

    if somebody is wearing a space helmet then logically they would be immune to the poison gas so remove the death from poison gas or at least make an item that would make you immune to the poison gas