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  1. Monkey See

    Storms as an Option?

    When a storm comes i just save the game and exit. When I relaunch the game the storm is gone.
  2. I highly doubt that System Era is going to give away their tools for making voxel planets. You can try out something like this for free, looks somewhat interesting:
  3. I'm really happy with the game, and understand its an alpha release, so I don't have a bad impression on system era. Bugs like this that wipe out hours of work need to be top priority, especially when a lot of other people are having the exact same thing, or vehicles going into orbia, or similar.
  4. Monkey See

    Additional Astronaut skins suggestion

    How do you get the orange suit?
  5. Same thing happened to me today, I wrote a bug report on it here. Lost practically everything I had. Do you have any good ideas on finding where the rover is under my base? I only saw the beacons once and they were close by. I don't have the resources I need now to make a spacecraft, do you have any other ideas on finding the markers?
  6. Buy a visa or mastercard gift card on amazon. Add the visa/mastercard to paypal Buy astroneer. This might work. I'm not sure if you can use a gift card to buy another gift card though. When I run into a problem like this, I try to find a friend who will give me cash for the gift card and then I use the cash myself for what I want.
  7. Where my rovers were. I had them attached to trading platform. After seeing the rover beacons that one time, I haven't been able to do so again. I've tried reload many times, walking away and coming back, all to no avail. Is there some better way to find them?
  8. So, I walked far away, and was able to see the beacons for my rovers underground a ways away from my base. We'll see if I can find it underground. very annoying becaus i can't do anything till I get it back.
  9. And now, I logged back in and its missing again and I can't do anything to get it back.
  10. Put all my junk, everything good I had on my rover train of 3 medium rovers. Had a habitat, and my items on medium storage (lithium, titanium, etc.). Was at my base and a storm appeared. Entered my habitat and exited to menu. When I started game again later, my rover and all my junk had disappeared. I logged back into game just now to check version, and lo and behold my precious rover is back (stuck in the ground), but I've lost 10 pounds, have gray hair, and have contemplated suicide in my astroneer adventures during my depression. Please fix before others might have heart attacks also.