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  1. The auto arm has been a much welcomed addition to the game but is very restricted in flexability with the pick up and drop off points imo, Would it be possible to add a feature to change the arm from the current area in front to something like a 180 degree arc for both pick-up and drop-off as this would increase its uses for me and proably others too. The vehicles again are great, a good way to transport items, equipment and mobile bases, what i would like to see is flat platorms that extend the felxibility of the vehicles for example a platform with a large connector plate and a small co
  2. Apart from the RTG placement (I have 2 on the back and no battery) its the same layout as my shredder truck
  3. Im most likely not the first person to discuss this but i would love the ability to place the single and triple seats to the front of the rovers so they look like they do on the startup splash screen, I play on Xbox so if this is already a thing and there is a control in place that i have missed please can someone enlighten me. Would love to have a single large rover mining system. Been playing Astroneer from inital beta release on Xbox and i love the game and impressed at the games development, improvement and fundermental changes
  4. This is something i have been wondering about, but i was thinking of a light on the crane arm that throws light out in a cone towards the drill/winch, this would illuminate the surrounding area as the drill head drills in, i use the drill to shape caverns and tunnels in mountains (kind of an evil lair lol) also in addition to this i would love to have dedicated fixed lights on the rovers - on the side that point at a downward angle (say 45 degrees) and head/tail lights cos as mentioned above for the most part the helmet light just doesn't cut far enough ahead.
  5. I have just discovered said purple material and as of version it is titled organic, sorry for being a little late to the discussion, im newish to the game and this is the first time ive been to the moon or actually left terra
  6. Its ok i found the answer to question 1 by starting a new game lol for question 5 i have had a thought, because of the new rovers the tunnel device could be a 2 slot device, 1 needed for the small (When released) one for the medium rover and two required for the large rover.
  7. I have yet to explore the power setups in the latest update, i do have some questions about the new platforms and rovers. 1: I researched the new storage but can not see how to craft the new models, has this been implemented yet ? 2: Im liking the extra large storage dome but after putting one on the large rover i see that it has 31 single slots in comparison to the 32 single slots of the medium storage units that can be used or the 64 available when using medium storage with the large storage, is this an oversight or intentional due to maybe some up coming modules ? 3:
  8. Just checked and nothing, could possibly be an upcoming feature to the game for all platforms.
  9. I play on xbox and havn't come across a drill camera pov, its just the normal control or the cursor control and without the option to invert the y axis on cursor control i mess up more times than i get it right lol, And kinda on this topic i would like an option to be able to control the crane while still in the driving seat which would make the whole process of mining, shaping and tuneel making alot easier and less frustrating, as i am sure i ain't the first person to attempt clearing a mountain top using a crane and drill only to have the vehicle begin to roll either by gravity/
  10. This is probably one of the best concepts for a game since minecraft, and with that said i would love to have a first person view as an option, it could be so immersive hearing your characters breathing inside a space helmet, also this would then allow for some basic heads up displays like oxygen counter, current backpack power levels and maybe a permanent compass. Also to include vehicle displays when seated in one, battery level etc... i feel that first person would allow for smoother vehicle control too. Look out for future posts as i have some more ideas and improvements that i personally
  11. Im always doing that lol, found a thruster today, my first one ever. Im not to bothered about a map but something like a navigation aid, like putting an icon of main base on the compass you get when you highlight yourself, that would be nice.