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  1. I couldn't find, other than bugs, a good place for a collection of suggestions for the new terrain generation. I spent some hours exploring the surface, but mostly in Astroneer I love to build underground bases. I noticed that even if I had a mass mining operation, that I would find generally one resource above all others. I would like a better, more random, and more distributed resources when mining in an area that would be for an underground base. In order to support generators I would like to see more fuel sources, and sources for resin, compound, and other common building materials. I think ultimately I am going to have to have a topside base that uses a network of work lights and other power extenders to have wind turbines and solar panels top side fuel the base underground. Yet, if there were incentives to mine more toward the core of the planet: then perhaps disconnected bases would be needed, and then a need for carbon, and organics, to fuel the generators below would be crucial to have.
  2. I really like the tiered hard drive idea!
  3. FluxCap

    Longer Build Times

    I think this relates to the need to have a bit of a steeper curve toward end game content. I have 52 hours in the game, and felt that was all that was needed to see what I needed to see...for now. Of course, this will change with more features, but more crafting time meaning more power needs would make things a bit tougher and help stretch the content out a bit more.
  4. FluxCap

    Domesticating the Worms on Radiated

    If this suggestion was implemented I can foresee a good end-game element: building an altar to it and pretending the Astroneer is giving it offerings.
  5. FluxCap


    I would like more benefits to the wrecks. I posted this before, but I had read the large solar array (no doubt in an earlier patch than what I was playing) would give near endless amounts of electricity. Being tired of feeding organics to generators: I had set out to find the array when someone else told me it was nerfed and just worth a couple of medium solar panels. Seems like a waste of objects in their current state. Some of those wrecks are very interesting, and could provide the random resources they already do (on some modules), but this would give them value at higher tech levels. If the solar array did give more energy equal to the effort of dragging it back seems like it would be great. Giving more value to the wrecks in some form I think is highly needed.
  6. I also was thinking about this for end game once research has been completed. I was thinking a new base module that could package data into hard drives/data storage container, that can then be placed on the trade platform and traded. I do love the database and connectivity with other players idea!
  7. FluxCap

    Landing Beacon

    Landing Pad would be good indeed. In this case what we both are wanting in this suggestion is more of a temporary landing zone creation.
  8. FluxCap

    Landing Beacon

    I was thinking of something similar such as autopiloting a shuttle back to base. It was mentioned on my idea that this would take away from survival elements. I just think it helps remove a frustrating part of the game where your items are lost away from base and someone doesn't want to build a rover just to try and retrieve the lost one. I lost a few hours in a game once because I had just stepped out of a rover on Arid when a tumbleweed hit me. It was a pain. I made a medium rover, had to search all over and finally found my body and old rover, connected the smaller rover the the larger, and then drove back to base. It was frustrating. Made me put down the game for a bit.
  9. FluxCap

    Space Station Building... Maybe?

    I agree Rugby. I would just hate if I was a dev having to go, great, now I have to construct nearly a whole new game just to put in Space Stations. I think it can be done more easily if they try and use ground assets in a bubble like scene that is in orbit around a planet.
  10. FluxCap

    Space Station Building... Maybe?

    It isn't being worked on...but, seems like it could be nice for very late game material. Thing is that dynamic would be very different from what they have so far. A whole other scene, setup, etc. I am trying to think of how to have the space station implementation use much of the existing dynamic. Such as the ground plane could be a flat grid. The space station has to start with a starting node, and then modular pieces added onto it. Perhaps housing and modules don't exist so much as it is modifications of what is on the ground. Start with a starting node, and expand out from it just like the land base. The Astroneer would be basically spacewalking all of the time except when in the habitat. Seems like they could implement something like that easier. Else, we are talking new 3d models, new physics handling, etc.
  11. FluxCap


    It is Alpha, and Early Access. Still, not a bad idea to wait a long time and then come back. Hopefully such game breaking bugs will not be part of beta releases, but stuff happens in beta releases as well. Just about anything is acceptable, or should be, with alpha releases. As long as the devs don't mistakenly format C:/ then I am good with watching a product in development.
  12. FluxCap

    Automatic Tethers

    I finally noticed that if you hit "T" immediately whenever the last tether runs out it will still place it in a good distance to connect with the last. Still, this is a pain... Would be nice if there were a toggle option in addition to the "T" key to turn on and off auto placed tethers.
  13. I was just thinking of other attributes other than power that discoveries could give. If these items were one of a kind, and only on one planet, then these items should give massive boons to the finder. I did see that about the solar array not giving off much power now, which is a concern. There is a thread on Steam, and a guide, about finding the solar array to access a great deal of power. Infinite power in the guide's term. No doubt the solar array was much more powerful at the time at the writing of the article. I was almost about to hunt for this solar array as a strategy so I wouldn't have to build as many solar panels to support research. That is what gave me an idea that since some of these discoveries have base connections that their benefits could be expanded upon to make finding them more beneficial, but made more rare so these benefits would still involve a slow pace and building slowly. The solar arrays I have found so far have been broken, but if I did find one I would want to make the digging of it up, winching and towing it back to a base, and making a connection to it worth the time it took to do so. Certainly more worth than 2 medium solars.
  14. I had a game where I spawned to what I thought was the large solar array. Sadly it was just a large broken one without a connection. Some posts have claimed the large non-broken solar array gives off a ton of energy, and therefore would be almost worth committing to explore and find if that was a player's strategy. This gave me the idea that perhaps another similar item could give off an infinite amount of bytes if found. Perhaps it would also need a crane to haul back to base, and (somehow) placed into the research station. Anyway, the main thought and dynamic would be that only one of each of these objects would be spawned in game. Perhaps never on Terrain. There could be similar unique discoveries: Perhaps another object, some abandoned alien tech perhaps, can slowly output various metals. etc. A player could leave their starting point and just hunt for these objects, but it would be difficult, and perhaps the time comparable to just creating a similar base and research hunting habits. Unless the player is lucky and finds one of these objects fairly quickly. That would be the gamble...
  15. FluxCap

    Simple ideas for major improvement

    In writing a story: every story needs conflict, and this game needs some sort of conflict to keep players engaged. I also hit end game and was wondering what to do after 30 hours of playing. Which is the case in sandbox games, but for me certain elements can add to this end game wall to give the game lots of longevity. I ended up starting a game over to experience more challenge. I think many of the suggestions here, even though made before, are still great to compile. I know challenges exist, and can be found with a good search like this one: https://forum.systemera.net/search/?&q=challenge&type=forums_topic&nodes=4&search_in=titles&sortby=relevancy I'm not sure about the combat mechanic, for if the devs aren't careful they can just start going down the same road Space Engineers and Empryion is going down. I do think rare minerals and the planets Arid and Radiated should be more dangerous outside a protected base than they are. It should be the equivalent of going to null space in Eve Online to gather rares: that there is high risk, but large rewards. When I first read of "worms on the surface of Radiated" I initially though of Dune like sandworms, but radioactive and emitting dangerous levels of radiation. If not weapons that kill, perhaps shielding and objects that discourage them from entering areas would be very nice. Even though it is tough to mine in null sec in Eve Online, there are plenty of ways of making it safe, so those should also be in game I believe. Just that most of that tech should require the rares mined at those dangerous planets, or bought for many of non-rares through trading.