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  1. Banned because Mulder said so.
  2. No complaints here... Onwards and upwards! Good patch.
  3. Ive seen that all too well. (hides pitchfork behind back)
  4. Puts envelope to forehead: Cheese Balls Ladies And Flying Houses
  5. Sad news.
  6. In case anyone missed the notice on steam (or not a steam user)... they have a live stream scheduled for the 17th:
  7. Got a patch download just now... was excited, found no news, loaded up the game, and ... same build number. BOOooo ON STEAM!
  8. I'm totally 50% sure we get an update this week. I'm totally 50% sure we don't get an update this week. I can't be wrong!
  9. I'm thinking we might actually see some new Base elements added to build with! They had talked about some interesting things on the GDC.
  10. Nice present. Just gotta ignore all the morons chatting on the side who are simply clueless trolls.
  11. forum

    Any spammer worth their salt is not going to be using an application that can allow easy grabbing of a MAC address. Especially as they are spoofing their IP's, reverse checking isn't viable. Coupled with this is a base php forum package on a generic server, spending the time to do back end scripts to check every users connection in this manner is just a huge waste of time.
  12. forum

    Spammers never give up
  13. forum

    Seems to be going well, whatever was done.
  14. How is "click theres a symbol" any more complex than simple? Its so low tech its beyond simple. Whats complex, finding the right parts and pieces, making up a beacon, dropping this high tech gadget, and then it being as the same as spraying a symbol on a surface. Why do people think this game is going to be a MMO where rampant griefers and exploiters will 'ruin their game'. Play your game, graffiti it up the hell you want or not. Its not going to affect anyone ELSES DAMNED GAME.