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    X box one x Since the new update every time u get in a vehicle after 5 min of a non save it crashes not sure if it's a bug or that I just reached over 40 mb on file size Is there goning to be a fix for this or should I scrap the game Started a new adventure if it does it agian will have to say good by to this game After reading threads about it that's over several 100 days old with no response Are they working on it or just trying to put more stuff in the game
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    About an elevator that you can build with compound so you can dig deep holes to Explore
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    Auto save
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    Desperately need new research items larger ships cooler buggies make them harder to attain To extend the game play Could do like a larger handheld deal to expand back pack Storage addon to storage on vehicles Like a new attachments for different planets Even like a mining machine to let you dig Underground. requiring air lines for power and air