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  1. I think the solution might be in the works or at least the topic is being investigated. To quote part of the return email I received: I'm no staff but I think for anyone viewing this, until there is an official response to go ahead and send the problem and logs to the support email of support@systemera.net. Both are in %AppData%\Local\Astro\Saved, then Logs and SaveGames respectively. Hope that helps at least somewhat.
  2. Same problem here. Seems to be worsened by each new activated gateway or having bases on multiple planets. Extremely inconsistent - and required me and a partner to create a new save where we play very restricted when it comes to expansion since our original progression became 100% softlocked. We have since then not experienced this problem. Though in constant fear of it happening again for one of our favorite games since it ruined our joy with the first save. Patches related to "random multiplayer crashses" have not helped, unfortunately. Wish you all the best. I am sincerely hoping
  3. Hello. I'm not certain as to why this is the case, but it seems that Novus in particular has a serious problem with terrain shaping; at least I'm guessing that's what the issue is. This problem happens for me and a friend both in every mode. Creative, Survival, Singleplayer, and Co-op. Attached below is me replicating the issue in singleplayer in Creative Mode (just going to ignore the double lighting bug there.) I will include specs as well. There are no necessary steps to replicating this, simply being on the surface at all makes this occur. The same happens below ground. I have veri
  4. I'm glad you like the list! And I agree to that, either of those methods would be neat to see in the game. Adding some way (like the pheromones) to be protected temporarily from these plants would be interesting. A recolor could do some more good too, like bright reds and oranges, something that would trigger our "that isn't safe" instinct. Thanks for responding, I like your comment.
  5. Hello world! I have been coming up with ideas constantly since the start of me playing the game, and I have read the roadmap and most suggested features, though I have not taken the time to read through all the forum to make sure these ideas are original yet, and some I know others have suggested, but I say it's okay if multiple people suggest the same thing. So below, I will be listing out things I have thought of as "this should be a thing", and I may update this later as more thoughts come along. The priority is determined by my feelings of how often something recurs that makes me thin