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  1. mallaig

    Wanderer update achievement is bugged

    I'm sure the video is fine, I just can't open the attachment. I think it's a permission setting on this forum.
  2. In my recent save I can't move around on Atrox without constantly having to jump. I joined a MP session a little while ago (v1.5.8.0 patch) and I had no problems moving on Atrox then. Also, in another (much older) save of mine I have no problems moving around on Atrox either. I suspect it's a glitch when the planets are procedurally generated for the first time.
  3. mallaig

    Wanderer update achievement is bugged

    @grazzolini Us mere mortals can't view that video.
  4. I believe that Astroneer achievements are tracked against your Steam ID. If you use the same Steam ID then you should have the achievements as well. I'd suggest to start a new save game. Make sure you deploy the starter base. Then save and exit. Restart to see if you get the suits. If not, fire off an email to support.
  5. @Stacey_Jadesdoes is say you're online in the Astroneer lobby? If not, then Astroneer can't track your achievements and unlock the suits.
  6. 0 bytes indicates a corrupted save. Unless you have a backup of a previous version there's not much you can do as new saves overwrite old ones. If you have automatic system restores enabled you can try the tool below to mount a previous snapshot and grab a savegame from there. Of course, you will have lost the progress made since, but should retain the achievements. System Restore Explorer
  7. mallaig

    Wanderer update achievement is bugged

    Best of luck 🤞
  8. mallaig

    Wanderer update achievement is bugged

    It will be in the "Swiss cheese" biome. Swiss cheese because the terrain is heavily fragmented. I'm not sure how to locate that, though, other than exploring the planet. Perhaps someone knows where it's located (if it is in a set area at all).
  9. mallaig

    Wanderer update achievement is bugged

    Just to be clear, if you're seeing this then Astroneer can't track your achievements. Did you see the "holographic" Astroneer when you activated the last probe? You have to interact with it, he/she wants to take a picture of you. If you have missed that bit you should be able to trigger it again by attaching another scanner to the probe.
  10. mallaig

    Wanderer update achievement is bugged

    When you're in the lobby (space station) does it say you're offline in the top right corner text field?
  11. mallaig

    Medium Battery Incorrectly Rendered

    It's just a (very old) visual glitch. Usually reloading the save should fix it.
  12. mallaig

    Wanderer update achievement is bugged

    Windows? Steam? Xbox? Client? Host? Single player? We need a bit more info.
  13. mallaig

    soil centrifuge mass glitch

    You can't fix it, but you can prevent it - at least until it's patched. Stay by the centrifuge for the 30 seconds it takes to grind the resources and you'll be fine. You may be able to get the nuggets to flip up, but that depends on a couple of things. You must not have saved the game after it's bugged One of the nuggets needs to be at the 6 or 7 o'clock position when you stand in front of the centrifuge
  14. mallaig

    Large Rover Attachment Issue

    I think this is connected to the player's camera at the time the rover is spawned. Create a save where you look away from the rover Load the save and the sockets will be flipped Save the game while looking at the rover Load the game and the sockets are correct I don't think it matters if the rovers are plugged into something or not. In the examples below the left rover is not attached to anything. The two on the right are connected to each other.
  15. mallaig

    Soil Centrifuge bugging out

    I can reliably reproduce the effect of stuck resources under the following conditions: Use a platform with no free storage, e.g. Large Platform A Start the centrifuge Leave render distance and wait for it to finish Come back and find the resource stacks flipped down Here's showing that the resource stacks do flip up, as long as you are in render distance: And lastly, when you have partial storage available: