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    Screenshots Megathread

    Exotic is amazing!
  2. George Balis

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    This is by far the best update of the game. The new resources look astounding and bring more joy to the game. The fact that myltiplying resources is gone(apart from a few ones) is something really positive, because it encourages players to explore caves instead of mindlessly getting soil and multiplying. Furthermore, the oppoortunity to travel to other planets early in the game is amazing(I started a new world yesterday and I 've already been to 3 different planets). Last but not least, I personally enjoy the fact that many impotant resources are only available in specific planets just because it makes players understand the need of travelling and exploring other planets.
  3. Right now I am in Barren. I really do need Wolframite which I simply can not find in Barren(i know it is in fact viable to find it in Barren but had no luck finding it) So I would rather visit a planet that has a lot of Wolframite. Any syggestions? Thanks a lot in advance.
  4. George Balis

    Let us choose the starting planet.

    The idea seems amazing, but I'll have to disagree. Choosing every other planet but Terran would give you a huge disadvantage. No Compound, no resin just Lithium, Aluminum, Copper, Amonium etc which are completely useless at the beginning. They could of course just give Resin and Compound to every planet, but this would destroy the purpose of traveling.