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  1. Hi Team, Bugs: Structure Chem Lab fails to auto build. Structure Soil Centrifuge fails to work. Bugs started recently so are new. Not a common bug. This particular game save is an old, large save with multiple factories on 2 planets auto building things. Is is possible there is just too much going on that the game is starting to bug out? Save file too large? (I think its about 50mb). There are visual issue with these bugs. The Soil Centrifuge loses its lines where it shows how much soil it needs (its screen goes blank, see picture). The Chem Lab shows a missing mineral component
  2. Hi Team!! Although beacons are the number 1 way not to get lost I would like to suggest another concept for explorers, landmarks. This is a low priority request but I feel from a design point of view would make the game look far more amazing and also allow players to explore with less chance of getting lost (which is damn easy to do!). I thought the new alien artifacts would do this but they're all the same. Even if you don't go by my idea you could change the look or colours of the various alien buildings instead. I found seeing multiple alien buildings while exploring actually disorientat
  3. Hi Team, Issue: Accidentally removed Resin from backpack while it was creating item Canister. The Resin was relocated back to the backpack successfully however this caused building new items impossible. The now half-Resin was also locked to the backpack (could not be removed). New items could be added to the backpack but the Resin was still stuck. This bug only effected the game the issue started from. Other games had no similar issue. Fix: Killed character. New character works fine. Unable to remove the Resin from dead body (it's still frozen on bodies backpack). Please tr
  4. Love some of the ideas in this thread. ? Personally I think the overall game-play of space ships is a waist of gameplay and should be overhauled. There is very little interaction with flying at all and its just not challenging or fun flying around. Although I like the idea of limiting flight distance as an extra challenge I would like to do some actual manual flying. We could then add content such as rare meteors to try and catch for rare minerals or the chance of bonus content or the rare planet that pops by at times. Extra features and gameplay!
  5. Have you actually tried to build anything? A base for example? Use the Wide and Narrow tools. Build a multi-layered base with ramps, lights and power on the roof. Add a large garage for vehicles. Don't forget to gather colours from the various planets so your base isn't just grey. The current building system isn't as detailed with "blocks" like Minecraft, but then again, the purpose of this game is more about exploring than building pretty houses. I agree, more building tools would be fun but overall I personally don't expect this game to be like Minecraft.
  6. Cheers for the reply Gargoyle Girl. Your perspective is different to mine. I was wondering if you like playing games quickly? For example, getting things like space flight within a few hours or so, getting major upgrades within the day or in regards to MMO's, leveling to max level super fast? Things like that? I think my overall issue with many gamers in general is their need to get somewhere super fast without 'enjoying the view'. If you do have a faster play style (and thats fine!) then what will keep you playing after you have achieved max upgrades and items? I found Astroneer v
  7. 1A. There needs to be some kind of way to transport the salvage to the Grinder. Frankly, it seems silly to have to take the Grinder to the salvage. 'Oh look, I found a platform leg. Let me lug this huge thing out to it to grind it up instead of tossing it in my truck and taking it to the junkyard I made. One thing I've noticed in this thread is the lack of thinking 'out of the box'. Suggestions about solving an issue where you scrap stuff at site or not being able to cart scrap to base is not an issue that needs resolving. There is no issue. If you don't like it have you tried an alternativ
  8. Some planets the Rover is very hard to use due to the formation of the planet surface. I've been stuck for hours on some planets due to the crazy land formations and stuff in my way. A hover vehicle, with some limitations, could be useful on other planets and a nice alternative. In fact, a rough, rocky planet would be a good example of where to add new tech: Bridge building, hover car, bigger tunnel tool etc. All to deal with the planet at hand.
  9. This could be a system to drag minerals from inside a planet (instead of driving). My only concern would be its speed. Right now, at full speed in a vehicle, I get rocks and things spawning in front of me which could prove a problem. Also, things tend to grow on paths (plants, rocks etc) which might block the train. As long as its implemented for a particular use and is streamlined to create, I'm all for it.
  10. Fuel for space ships isn't hard to come by. You can build multiple bases creating fuel pretty easily. Why would you want a space station or starship when you can hop from planet to planet? In regards to zeroG crafting on a space station: If you could do this, why build on a planet at all? It would be cool to float above a planet though! Why do we want to go to other planets? A visit can be fun. Or to start over on a planet that suits you (looks cool) is good too but there is hardly any real reason to even bother.
  11. In regards to new stuff and space in general.... I'd love the idea of more exploration and to see your ideas created. More content in regards to suns, planets, comets etc sound great but they're an overall picture of what could be. You need content on that content and more in regards to depth. Why go there? Right now I have zero need to leave the planet I started on other than sight seeing. Even then the planets don't behave all that different to each other except some cosmetic changes. With every new patch I create a new game and rarely leave the planet (the moon is kinda cool though). Fr
  12. Sorry, I was thinking the pink organic that looks like a normal green plant organic used in small generators. Still, to use them as power is a nice idea.
  13. I tend to be against teleportation as it literally sucks away time the player could be actually doing something and stopping players using current in-game objects such as the vehicles. Instead it might be wiser to look into adding additional vehicles, or add-ons for vehicles, to travel longer distances. Boosters, various wheel types, hover-car, planet flying vehicle, tunneler or road making device to name a few. For example (and I'm really exaggerating here), imagine you had a cannon that you drove into and it shot you a long distance (say 2 to 10 km\miles). It would take some practice get
  14. How about we make them a concentrated organic substance. Used in a small generator they should last 10 times the duration (or more or less).
  15. I draw cartoons and store them on Instagram (mainly due to me drawing on scraps of paper and losing them!). I have some newer pics up the top of the page of my friend and I playing Astroneer. Name on Insta is FleshIcon. I've posted a few here if you don't want to check out the page directly. Examples: PIC1 PIC2 PIC3