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  1. Mark the Space Engineer ;)

    spiker seeds are shown as organic so why can't I use them

    Sorry, I was thinking the pink organic that looks like a normal green plant organic used in small generators. Still, to use them as power is a nice idea.
  2. Mark the Space Engineer ;)

    Teleporter - Full Description.

    I tend to be against teleportation as it literally sucks away time the player could be actually doing something and stopping players using current in-game objects such as the vehicles. Instead it might be wiser to look into adding additional vehicles, or add-ons for vehicles, to travel longer distances. Boosters, various wheel types, hover-car, planet flying vehicle, tunneler or road making device to name a few. For example (and I'm really exaggerating here), imagine you had a cannon that you drove into and it shot you a long distance (say 2 to 10 km\miles). It would take some practice getting the aim right and cause some terrain damage. This would add a new toy thats fun, unpredictable at times and allow players to use it for other imaginative ways (such as shooting fuel\dynamite at mountains ). If teleportation was to be implemented then it would need some strict rules. As OP mentioned, large power consumption is one good idea. As Astroneer is a casual game it might be best to only allow a single teleporter device on each planet or allow a total of 2 teleporters over-all. One per planet would allow easy access (eventually) to each planet but with the single restriction you would still need to drive and run around allowing full access to the toys at your disposal. 2 teleporters max in game is a huge restriction but would force the player to think harder on where they want them. Only on one planet or connect up two planets to each other? Where on those planets? Or thirdly, you can only go through a teleporter with whats on your back (no vehicles). Overall, you don't want a game option to 'teleport' to take away players from whats currently fun. It should be an additional option adding to the toys at our disposal and preferably work it such a way we could do some weird things with it (eg. maybe some objects could mutate or change when you go through it? This could be a new way to create a new building material). Cheers.
  3. Mark the Space Engineer ;)

    spiker seeds are shown as organic so why can't I use them

    How about we make them a concentrated organic substance. Used in a small generator they should last 10 times the duration (or more or less).
  4. Mark the Space Engineer ;)

    Artwork Megathread

    I draw cartoons and store them on Instagram (mainly due to me drawing on scraps of paper and losing them!). I have some newer pics up the top of the page of my friend and I playing Astroneer. Name on Insta is FleshIcon. I've posted a few here if you don't want to check out the page directly. Examples: PIC1 PIC2 PIC3
  5. Hi Team, Love v.7, thank you!!! New content, new bugs! My report is on the Terrain Analyzer bugs. I'm playing solo end-game and trying to be creative to extend the life of playing. After building a very big base I'm trying to paint it with the following problems: The issue lies on creating an analyzer tool, leaving game, loading game and then trying to use the tool (old or new tool, it doesn't matter): Reloading game leads to the device(s) colour identity going black (see picture. All these devices should be either yellow, red or blue). A big problem if you need to leave the planet to get the colour again or simply are looking for the colour of choice. Another issue is the 'painting' style used with Analyzers. It the picture you can see some grey on the floor. The analyzers miss a lot of rock when painting making the device almost useless. The only way to use them properly at the moment is to get your colour first, then build from scratch. After building my very big base, this is a problem for me. I have also found sometimes the analyzer tool will lose its colour, going back to default and unable to be re-coloured. These become rubbish and the colour has to be created again with a new analyzer tool. This is a random issue. Keep up the great work team! Mark.
  6. Mark the Space Engineer ;)

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Update: New bug update to above bug = Game Corruption! In regards to the above update, things got worse (and a little funny)... My friend died on his world and so respawned in space as per normal. For whatever reason his pod decided to land on the floating Large Ship that I had originally put into orbit (yes, a space ship landing on a space ship in orbit!!). The original space ship was hit, flew off into space and the new pod stopped dead in orbit with the door open (see picture). My friend could only leave his pod and fell to the planet surface. Funny enough he didn't die until he ran out of oxygen! He is now sad.
  7. Mark the Space Engineer ;)

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    New Issue: Large Space Ship bug Multiplayer (x2 people) Planet: Exotic Fix or work around? Disconnection and rejoin game. Issue: Joined friends game and hopped into the large spaceship. My friend disconnected the cockpit and through it down a large hole (with my body still in it) however my game was still locked onto the ship, not the cockpit that was thrown into the hole. I was still able to take off without me in the pod however could do nothing at all once in space. Attempted issue with other vehicles? No
  8. Mark the Space Engineer ;)

    Feedback v0.5.0.0 Dec2017

    Version - Research Update New player since Dec 2017 after above update. Current fav game: Space Engineers Me: 41yo male, picky gamer, worked in 3D Character Animation for 3 years, artist and overall space-man-guy. Hi Team, Here is a quick review\feedback of your current game. Before I start, thanks for all your hard work and I hope you continue to push the game to completion. It really can be something special. Pre-Owned... The game first caught my attention due to the wonderful art style on Utube. I personally don't like 'realistic' looking games as I find them rather dull to look at. Your style is cute, clever and just overall beautiful. Unfortunately I put off buying the game as I focus on gameplay before graphics and it looked like your game was very "grindy". In other words, the game-play looked more like work than play. Lucky for you I was bored and purchased it anyway. Thankfully I did. First Impressions... I love how you start your game in the menu by simply choosing your character (and thats it!! Great!). This game makes me want to explore. As soon as I landed I wanted to find a cave or climb a mountain. Couldn't stop playing! New planets!! Current Experience Fully upgraded character. Created bases on all planets. Can pretty much build and do whatever I want. Only thing left to do is to explore further on all planets above and below. Pretty much finished game within 60 hours. The Good... Quick to start game Pick a character (always fun if not lacking in choices) Game looks great Animation is cute Weather! (needs more) Base creation Music and sounds (needs more but currently good) Don't need instructions There is no 'grinding' -- Too many games force players to work, not play. Finding materials to upgrade\build your game world is actually fun in Astroneer. Although you're forced to find materials to build stuff its done in a fun way. Keep the worlds interesting, making players want to explore will allow them to find these materials anyway (cause and affect). Your current design is simple yet well designed. Also no need for 1000 different materials to build 1 thing! The additional machines to create materials also helps stop any boredom of 'grinding'. Great work. Clouds! They look amazing. Weather effects really help bring some atmosphere to the game and additional challenge. I would really like to see this trend continue. If you add more world effects such as rain (lighting), earthquakes, falling stars and even volcano explosions (sounds good, not sure how to implement that one!) that would just add to the awesome atmosphere. Even better if they actually affect gameplay. Getting to a new world should have new challenges. No instructions. I actually like this as it forces experimentation and the game is simple enough to figure out. Some hints and tips could be displayed such as TAB to flip a vehicle but otherwise its fine. The Not So Good... Starting character choices all look the same and I went with the only one that had some changes =The Orange Guy. More designs in the future would be great, especially with helmet design and a female option (Aliens too?). Vehicles are like pack mules: They hold your gear but are slow and clumsy things. If it wasn't the fact I needed oxygen I would leave the vehicle behind as soon as I got lost. The darn things are too slow. I'm not sure if Booster mods work on vehicles but I had one on a Large buggy without additional buggy's hooked to it and still found it terrible to use. I could build roads for my vehicle to get from point A to B much faster but the game would turn into a grind and so not something I'm willing to do. Allow the Drill mod a much larger area to clear rocks and other obstacles. This at least would be a possible fix. Currently the drill only has one use and frankly isn't a necessity. Also allow Booster mods or something similar to increase the power of a vehicle. Too many times I got lost on the surface of a planet and couldn't find my base. I won't ask for the game to have GPS, maps or a compass but its weird a space man can't have a way to return home. This might be an opportunity to build a 'Large Beacon' or similar type of machine at the base? As is, in future, I'll add far more beacons but I think this issue should be discussed. At one stage I had a full x4-vehicle connection fully loaded with materials and it took me hours to find my base. Overall I really like your planets but they all share too many similarities which can stop them feeling original to the others. I feel a real need is required to push the planets from being too similar. If, for example, you make all the planets the same textures, how do you tell them apart? How do you not get lost so easily? I'd like to see additional surface changes such as different clouds, more extreme land formations, landmarks (smashed space ships, old alien bases, rock formations, rings around a planet etc), further changes to cave systems, additional new alien life, removal of similar alien life to other planets, new weather effects, really massive objects\structures and additional game conditions that impact the player. New planets should bring some real challenges, especially the further away you get from your home base. Dynamite only destroys dirt. Not aliens. Low-End PC Settings Unfortunately I'm forced to play Astroneers on my laptop. It was a good game rig 5 years ago but Astroneers really pushes it on lowest settings. Additional changes for low end PC's is required. My 2 Cents Right now new planets in other games really only allow new textures and very little to content or depth. Astroneer allows some great exploration opportunities which is more than other games but feels repetitive once you have been to a few new planets. If Astroneers planets are changed further to stand out from each other and new environment conditions are added to challenge the player then this game really has a positive future. The Exotic planet had some great land changes and challenges with its multi-level design. More extreme changes like this would be very pleasing indeed. The Desert planet has tumble spikes and although its a new challenge its more of an annoyance. End game worries me. Once I have all upgrades and seen the planets what else is there to do? Explore of course. Give players more reasons to explore even if its just for new player and ship skins. Allow new upgrades to be found in ancient alien temples. Find new types of dynamite (big bombs!) just for some extra player fun (items you can't research and build but can find and use). Add far harder planets to explore with extreme conditions and landscapes. Thats it. Hope you enjoyed my feedback and look forward to future patches. Cheers team.
  9. Not so easy when you're on multiple planets. An upgrade of some sort should be available. Most likely a mod you attach to your backpack or vehicle. Either an arrow pointing to your base or simply a compass. It would allow new buildings (radar at base) and a gps\compass (vehicle\character mod). Above comments on finding your base on the 1st world is all well and good but not so much on new planets. Not to mention the speed of which you can navigate (vehicles are currently too slow and clumsy). Some planets are a nightmare to navigate and you're better off dieing, re-spawning and losing your vehicle\goods.
  10. Mark the Space Engineer ;)

    v0.5.0.0 - PC - Save Bugs

    Additional bugs: The markers saved on each planet seem to float in space (as if the planet you used them on is invisible). This is mainly noticed when in a ship in space and you're choosing a planet to move too however when on a planet you can see the markers in space too. I had a medium vehicle and its 3 trailers float into space on return to the Moon. They just float up there. To avoid bug vehicles need to be linked to base. ~~~~~ Loving the game guys. I thought it was going to be a huge grind and thus put off buying it for ages. Really love it. Landing on new planets is really exciting. Only flaw (other than bugs) is to try and make sure none of the planets feel similar. Once I start exploring and going into caves etc they start to feel the same. Keep up the great work!
  11. Mark the Space Engineer ;)

    v0.5.0.0 - PC - Save Bugs

    Sorry team, my post was posted too early and laptop crashed... Cont... 2. The more planets I visit and play, the more likely the save when entering a Habitat seems to fail. I'll continue to monitor this bug but when I was on just my starting planet this never happened. Now on my 4th planet and it seems to happen often.
  12. Mark the Space Engineer ;)

    v0.5.0.0 - PC - Save Bugs

    Mouse/keyboard? Controller? n\a Steam? Xbox? Steam What were you doing leading up to this bug? Exit game, load up game again. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. - The save feature seems to get worse either the longer you play or the more you expand to new planets. 2.