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    Thanks for replying guys you have given me insight into things i didn't think of one example being how would we see because of third person, one way to fix this would to be either give us first person or make the roofs of the structure lift away and fade into nothing for a nice seamless transition. another question was how would it be build and my answer to that is maybe something along the lines of the subnautica building system where you have a tube and then a kind of bio dome. my reasoning behind adding this into the game is mainly to provide an environment that is pressurized (or maybe depressurized) and provides safety from the sand storms and also would be a necessity on the *Spoilers SPOILERS, Red planet where there is always a sandstorm of deadly spiked balls. another thought would be that you might have to create an oxygen generator for the base that uses power to create oxygen and the airlock would use like one or two bars of power to cycle through from pressurized to de-pressurized and vice versa. if there are any question please quote the comment and leave them and i will try to think of an answer.
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    yeah i didnt think of the third person stuff but your idea with the airlock was almost spot on to what i was imagining
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    Ive seen a picture floating around the net and in the background there was a kinda base design which looked like you could walk inside i thought this would be a great addition to the game where you need an Airlock to get into your base and you can build things like bio domes and storage rooms and also it would serve some kind of protection against the sandstorms and things