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  1. (Sorry if someone already wrote about this, I promise I searched for it but I didn't find anything) When I saw the post about the nem Research Update, I was really happy I and tried it out soon. I love it, but the "speed" of the research is really slow, and it also slows down the gameplay. It took a really long time to get the Large Shuttle and other expensive blueprints. But I think this can be fixed easily. My idea is quite simple. The only thing I miss from this game right now is the opportunity to upgrade the Research Chambers and improve it's efficiency. I think that the four slots on the sides of the Research Chamber can be used to store printed upgrading tools (like augments for the Terrain Tool). Or (and that's a more simple idea) you can just make an upgrade tab in the Research Chamber's control panel (I dunno it's name). So, In my opinion, you should let players to increase the research speed, or decrease the energy needed for maximum efficiency. Thank you for taking a look at my idea!