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  1. As we all know, we have polluted the planet that we call home in the real world and continue to ignore it to this day and it has definitely had some effect on it. i thought this was a feature in the game my first playthrough but it turned out to just be just the average storm, as the game went on and my base grew in size i felt like i experienced more and more storms, and i also started to feel like i was the one causing the increase in storms with my careless actions of just consuming everything for my personal benefit. i just think it would be awesome to have some kind of negative affect on
  2. it would be nice to have a simple, cute flying drone following you around? maybe the size of the small oxygen tanks?
  3. Ponca


    i've had almost that exact idea! i'll see what i come up with! thank you for the recommendation.
  4. Ponca


    beautiful, there are so many sights to see in this game. i also really like that suit lol it kind of reminds me of a big daddy from bioshock haha.
  5. i'd love to see some variety in colors and or suits and helmets.
  6. Ponca


    anyone can become an artist! it just takes time and learning! thank you
  7. i found this before and i wanted to take it back to my base but it fazed through the ground and disappeared when i tried.. lol
  8. Ponca


    started working on a new drawing, still a work in progress "caught in the storm" i hope i find the time to finish it.
  9. i start to but then i just set them off because i haven't been too invested in saves, also, when i do use them (from personal experience) the explosion and the destruction it does is never really anything great so i feel like i wouldn't really have any use for them anyways? i'm curious to see how big that explosion would be if you set all them off at once though lol or even if they detonate and make a bigger explosion together?
  10. everytime i use dynamite the explosion and destruction it creates is always very small.
  11. I pulled her and the seat off the rover and she was unable to get out of the seat while it was on the ground? we eventually just decided to start a new game, since we weren't too far in anyways. we found this hilarious though.