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  1. Something I can drive 2 large rovers into, so I don't have to dismantle and package them and all the attached modules, and take 2 trips to get them to another planet.
  2. What we really need is a module to turn things on and off as they're needed (with a little hysteresis). Put a PO on it, and it'll turn it on when there's space for oxygen, off when there isn't. Same for a portable generator with power. Too many of the T1 widgets utterly fail to be upgrades, because they A. use up slots that you originally could use for resource gathering, B. can't be used meaningfully without taking up one of your two available switchable slots. It would be nice if as the game progressed we became less reliant on tethers and vehicles, but as you use up more and more of
  3. I'd rather make use of keybinds than have to stop the attachment/s (drill/paver), get out, swap a mod over, get back in, turn the attachments back on. Research, Backpack and Terrain tool are disabled while in a vehicle seat, so why not make use of the freed-up buttons instead?
  4. Maybe if pavers/drills had two different leveling modes: 1. As it is now, controlled by the mouse with a deadzone near horizontal. 2. Self leveling, so that the drill always points at the horizon, no matter the angle of the rover, ensuring you'll make a flat surface that's always at the same altitude from the center of the planet, no matter how rough the terrain. Tapping a button could toggle between those two mode, while holding it and changing the camera angle would both select the second mode (regardless of the currently active one) and set an angle to self level at above or below t
  5. So I'm guessing this is a completely new module that's just using the model of a drill head during testing. Will we be able to fit the new module on the front of a large rover, along with a drill head, run both at once (so long as we have the power), and then drill through the ground while filling in any holes in the floor, just like we would with a terrain tool while holding Ctrl down? (And yes this would also need to clear trees and rocks out of the way. Trying to make roads with the existing drill on the surface just doesn't work because you get bogged down in them. Maybe having to use a
  6. So I see that trying to open the game's options still lags out my whole computer for several seconds before crashing the game. I'll just assume it's one of those triple-monitor-setup things that will never get fixed.
  7. I'd like to see a large module that turns a large rover into a Vibroseis truck, that can be used to map the surface/caves, and eventually pinpoint resources through a lot of triangulation, so long as you're willing to drive it around and wait through a lot of scan cycles (I used to do probe scanning in Eve Online). Cartography should take far more work than simply going to a place.
  8. Same is happening on the tractor. Drill is just burning off dirt with empty canisters on a trailer. And I don't know if it's related, but the drill on the crane just doesn't want to go through terrain. It used to be you hold the mouse still and hold the button down, the drill would keep digging through terrain until it was at maximum extension (like the terrain tool does). Now you have to wave it around over a surface to force it to 'notice' that is should actually be doing something besides just sitting there and spinning on air. The whole thing seems like a huge waste of effort, when a
  9. Maybe the drill should return to level when turned off, and when it's turned on, then it is locked to the camera movement, so that we can set the angle of the drill that way. Also, I'm liking the fact that there is a UI element showing the angle, and that there is a dead-zone so we don't move the drill off center accidentally, but could the UI element also show the size of the dead-zone, so we can tell where its edges are? Also the dead-zone needs a slider in the options for its size, because it feels way too big for someone who's pretty precise with a mouse.
  10. Might I suggest adding a 3rd configuration for these to cycle through while we're at it. An offset flat layout would let us put these on Large Storage units while flat, without them overlapping at the top or in the middle (keeping things tidy), and also allow us to place them onto an Extra Large Platform B in the same way (up at the top, down at the bottom) without overlapping, to give a 10 column 8 row layout of small items in a single plane.
  11. Looks like the kind of issue that could be solved by simulating more realistic pneumatic tires, by the very simple method of having different collision interactions for separate hubs and tires (overlapping cylinders of differing radii). Hubs would collide with other hubs and surface rocks, but not tires. Tires would collide with ground, but not surface rocks, hubs or each other. That way we'd have something that worked a bit more like this (source), your rover wouldn't be glitched because the tires wouldn't be interacting with each other, only the hubs (and they could be kept apart by
  12. I'd like to see Dynamite be usable to break up the larger debris items, so they can be fit into a shredder. That would give us a purpose for making it. It would also give more use to the winch, as you could drag a lot of big scrap items into a pile, set off some dynamite in the middle of it all, and then run around picking up all the smaller bits of scrap that go flying (unless of course you blew it up in a pit to avoid that).
  13. At present we start with a world procedurally generated from a seed. A saved game has the player's changes to the terrain, either removing or adding to it, saved as positive or negative volumes. Why can't a third volume be used to save where rocks/vegetation are removed? It's getting annoying having to clear out stalagmites from tunnels every time I return to them with a rover, or removing rocks from around the flattened area of my base so I drive rovers in and out without getting snagged. Permanently removing trees that were destroyed with dynamite might also be useful.
  14. Seeing as the 'Q' key does nothing while in a vehicle, could we perhaps use it to both cycle between attached seats (handy on a long train that's hard to reverse), and to allow the crane to have drive/crane modes (Not needed on keyboard absolute mode, as we could have WASD made available while in the crane, but controllers and mouse driving would need a toggle), the first using a short press, and the second a long press.
  15. I'm not. The extra QA involved in getting updates out to consoles encourages devs to develop 'patch paralysis', where they put off releasing fixes promptly. Instead they bundle everything together into as few patches as possible, to avoid having to go through each console's certification process. That means that when bugs do get found (because it takes a lot of work to find them in house, with limited resources, compared to crowdsourced testing, releasing it to thousands of players), it takes much longer for them to get fixed. Warframe has the right idea about how to support multiple