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  1. The switch stream I watched from [about] 5/11/20 showed the automation arm allows a filter for the arm to pick only a specific T1 item. I can't wait to start playing around with this. I think it would offer many more possibilities if there were a toggle on the arm to designate whether the filter included or excluded the designated item. This would be comparable to what the medium canisters do with the fill/empty switch. By allowing the filter to exclude an item , we would be able to create a chain of storage towers with automation arms between them. The automation arms between the storage towers would be set to "exclude" mode, essentially passing everything except their designated item down the chain. Each successive automation arm would hold a different T1 item for the "exclude" filter. Then, a second automation arm assigned to each intermediate storage tower would be set to "include" that same item and move it to a more permanent storage area. This way, there would be no need to crowd a bunch of automation arms around a single storage tower, each picking off only a single item.
  2. Archranis

    Is vehicle behavior intended or a bug?

    Same here. I've spent over 10 hours messing around with the Solar Panel to get it like this screenshot, and find that it's constantly "twitching" back and forth, ends up twisted into the terrain, and constantly getting disconnected from the base.
  3. I've attached a screenshot of what I encounter with my vehicles nearly every time I play the game. I left the vehicles nicely placed into their stalls and went into a cave to do some terraforming. When I came back 10 minutes later, the vehicles were all messed up. Presumably, the stalls would have kept a sandstorm from blowing them away. But I run into the same thing even when the vehicles are left in a cave, so I don't think the sandstorm can be blamed. My vehicles are constantly mangled, tossed all over the place, partially sunken into the terrain, or somehow made unusable until I spend a good deal of time digging them out, untangling them, etc. I've tried to find some kind of pattern that causes this (so I can avoid it and provide a useful bug report) but the only thing that I have found in common when it happens is that it only happens when the vehicles are out of sight (either I restart the game or go far enough away from the vehicle that it is no longer in sight range). But even that is not entirely consistent, because sometimes I can leave them and they are fine when I return. The one thing I have noticed is that it never happens when they are in sight. My question is: Is this intended behavior, or is it a bug? If it's intended behavior then I would strongly encourage making the behavior otherwise. For me, at least, it's totally killing the enjoyment of the game, which would otherwise be a lot of fun to play, even given the quirks in an Alpha release. If it's a bug, can we please know if/when we might expect a fix? Thank you.
  4. I find one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game is building interesting terrain/structures, so I'd like to propose a few additional terraforming capabilities (augments, perhaps?) A Smoothing capability (different from current "flatten" mode) Shapes in addition to the current circular reticle An "undo" A "parallel" alignment function Direction lock Angle "memory" Upgrade-able terraforming tool with augment selection functions Smoothing: The current "flatten" mode incrementally adjusts the terrain within the reticle to be at the same angle as the face at the center of the reticle. Smoothing would increment the terrain in the reticle to adjust to the "average" angle of all the faces in the reticle. Additional reticle shapes (in addition to circle): Equilateral Triangle 1 (top is an edge of the triangle); Equilateral Triangle 2 (top is a vertex); Square 1 (top is an edge); Square 2 (top is a vertex). Narrow/Wide augments would also apply. Eventually there might even be a control to rotate the reticle around it's center so that any orientation would be possible. Undo: I very often terraform on the wrong spot and then I can't get the terrain restored to how it was before my mistake. The "undo" function would restore all the terrain mods caused by the immediately preceding single left-mouse action. This wouldn't be a queue; it would be only the immediately-preceding modification. Parallel alignment: The alignment augment modifies terrain perpendicular to the planet's surface. I would like to be able to modify terrain parallel to the planet's surface, as well. Direction lock: This would keep adding/removing terrain in the current direction, without the terrain tool adjusting its angle to whatever terrain face it is moved over. This is similar to what the Align augment does, but it would apply to whatever direction the terrain tool is facing, not just perpendicular to the planet's surface. The significant difference from the align tool is that with Direction lock, I could move the terrain tool (you can't move the tool away from the direction it's facing with the Align mod once you start adding/removing with it); Angle memory: The angle of a face could be stored into a memory of some kind so that that same angle can be replicated exactly in any part of the terrain. This would allow the creation of surfaces that are aligned exactly the same that are distant from one another (the flatten tool does this, but it can only apply to contiguous surfaces). Upgrade-able terraforming tool: This tool would no longer require adding/removing of augments to invoke the augments' functions. Instead, once an augment is created, it can be used to permanently enhance the upgrade-able terraforming tool. Then when the upgraded terraforming tool is "zoomed", a control panel would be available that lets you select which augments you have upgraded the terraforming tool with, that you want to be active. (The number of simultaneously active augments would probably be constrained to avoid things like simultaneously having wide and narrow active). This would free up inventory space with lots of tools. This would be especially nice when painting the terrain with a large assortment of terrain analyzers. The "zoomed" selection panel could provide a large selection of items in different categories: Reticle Shape, Size, Direction, Direction Lock, Color, Angle Memory, etc.
  5. Archranis


    I've blown myself up many times trying to pick up dynamite and accidentally lighting the fuse instead. Can we please have some kind of confirmation when setting off dynamite that we actually want to blow it up? I know it kind of ruins the "immersion" but it would definitely make keeping dynamite around have less chance of causing disastrous accidents. Or perhaps making blowing up dynamite a 2-step process where the first step is to arm it and the second is to start the countdown to explosion.
  6. I agree with the frustration about things (especially vehicles) ending up buried. Each time I sit down to play I have to spend far too much time excavating my vehicles -- sometimes I can't even find them at all. It's killing my motivation to play this game. I have also seen related posts that go back at least a year. I hope fixing this bug is a very high priority because it's really killing the enjoyment of the game. Every time I play, I need to begin by dealing with something like this:
  7. Archranis

    Other End of Rover has been Eaten by the Terrain

    I'm finding a similar problem. When I park either sized rover under ground, after returning from leaving the game (either to main menu or desktop), the rovers are buried half-way into the terrain. This doesn't happen for just a simple save (using the TAB key to enter a vehicle or habitat). If I want to play a saved game, I have to spend about 15 minutes carefully digging out the rovers (and sometimes trying to dig them out makes them fall through into a cavern, and then it takes much longer to retrieve them). Kinda makes it difficult to get motivated to continue playing, unfortunately. Is there any work-around for this? Or better yet, maybe a forthcoming fix?
  8. It seems to me that movement direction is influenced by the direction of the camera. The movement keys will cause different movement depending on the direction of the camera. Could we please have a way to have movement relative to the orientation of the character/vehicle, totally independent of where the camera is pointing? Also, when moving backward ("S" key), the character does an about-face and moves backward, and then remains facing that way. Could we please have "S" actually be a back-step and not have the character change the direction he's facing? I am absolutely loving this game!! It's already tons of fun to play and I can see a huge potential to keep growing the game well into the future. Fantastic job, guys!