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  1. Hi there. Let me start by saying I've played Astroneer for quite a while and I very much enjoy the game. On the release of 1.0, I was very eager to jump in and start exploring the new worlds and new changes that were released with the update, however I have run into a very peculiar issue. All the time, no matter what conditions I am in in the game, when I am attempting to mine, flatten, or construct new terrain using my terrain tool, the tool, as well as my character, stutters very badly. It is almost as if I am rapidly clicking my mouse to try and perform tasks. I've tried a lot to fix this issue, change graphical settings (my computer is not the best so I get a fair amount of frame rate lag, I thought the game may be throttling itself by slowing down some operations like mining), I've rebound my left click button to a key on my keyboard to ensure it isn't hardware related, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game, restarted my computer, everything I can think of to resolve the issue and nothing helps. What's more, my little brother, having a fairly better computer than me, doesn't get this issue when he is trying to play co-op with me on my world. Anything anyone can offer that may help this issue? is anyone else having this problem? Thanks, hopefully this will resolve soon because it may not be game breaking, but it slows down all of my resource gathering and makes mining into a mountain nearly impossible with the ground being harder. Thanks for your time.